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Control Room

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The Control Room gives TV Studio certified members full studio control of their productions inside the Main Studio.  Certified TV Studio Crew members are assigned to operate the following equipment:  Audio Mixer, Switcher Board, and 3 Sony Studio Camera.


Must be certified in TV Studio Crew.

Room Specs

16' x 14' (224 sqft)


Yamaha Audio Mixing Board

AJA Ki Pro recorder

Broadcast Pix Switcher

Clear Com Intercom System

Blue Ray DVD Player


Broadcast Pixs

Inscriber for creating Titles and Lower 3rds.

Autoscript for Teleprompting

Additional Gear or Rooms usually reserved along with the Control Room

Lavalier Microphones

Handheld Mic

XLR Cable

Clear Com HeadSet and BeltPack

Green Screen and Stands