Program Delivery Instructions

The first thing to do is log into the member hub on the website and create a project page. 

After the project is activated you can make reservations based on the project.

When you are ready to deliver the video you would then add the episode page there also. An episode page is due for each video delivery

After adding the episode page, you would then email  a direct download link to the video (with matching filename to the episode page) to the Programming Director.

Files should be named with title of show and episode number (if applicable) with no spaces, no # signs and no additional words like “episode” or “PhillyCAM” or “The”.
For example: MyShow01Content


The online submission form is then due when you are delivering your video, for signing off on agreement to PhillyCAM programming policies.

(you'll see that there is a separate log-in to fill out the submission form which is associated with your membership record) 

For additional episodes of a series, another submission form is not necessary.