Doug Crisman, February Member Of The Month

February Member of the Month  - Doug Crissman
What does a Businessman/Entrepreneur do when they retire?  You become a member of PhillyCAM; of course!  
That is what I did about 2 and a half years ago. At that time, I established a new vision for my life that I could become competent in making quality films (not just home movies) that would allow me to share my own creative interests. PhillyCAM has proven to be the perfect choice for me. The Program and Staff here have focused on ensuring local community members like myself are able to express themselves through media creation and distribution. The Staff at PhillyCAM have made this dream possible for me: by training me, teaching me, assisting me and supporting me in accomplishing my vision. 
Within PhillyCAM I have addressed my initial interest of learning how to edit video in Premiere Pro, and in addition have been able to learn how to shoot a 360 video, use professional level A/V equipment in the field and use the Express Studio so that I now have the opportunity of creating a new Travel Entertainment Show called The Surprised Traveler.  Hopefully, I will have my first TV Show released in April or May of this year.

Being chosen as Member of The Month of PhillyCAM is a great honor for me.  It makes me proud that I am not only making progress towards my own vision, but it reminds me of how many of the PhillyCAM Family (members and staff alike), have helped me grow along the way.  Interestingly, that growth is not just in skills and media making knowledge, but just as important, how to better understand the significance of each of us having our own voice and having somewhere to express our voice.  I think the most important joy I am receiving from being at PhillyCAM is being with others where together we share our enthusiasm, creativity, and support of each other.