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Intern being instructed on video camera recording.

The PhillyCAM internship program is designated for undergraduates, graduates, and recent graduates. PhillyCAM interns are expected to work a set weekly schedule of 15 hours per week. PhillyCAM will support in person, virtual or hybrid interns for the Fall cycle. 

With the exception of recent graduates, we do prefer interns to get course credit for their time at PhillyCAM. Our internships are unpaid but come with a small stipend of $200. This stipend is given upon the completion of the internship.

Our internship program is ideal for individuals who have an interest in doing community work and are looking to build upon existing TV and radio broadcasting, audio editing, basic video production, communications, and marketing skills. 

Candidates must complete our online application. Highly qualified candidates will be invited to meet with PhillyCAM staff in person or via phone to discuss qualifications and job responsibilities.

PhillyCAM is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Internships Offered:

We do our best to match student skills, interests and goals with existing PhillyCAM programs and project needs. We are generally seeking interns in 2 areas (TV/Video and Radio). Within that we may invite interns to focus their work across departments (youth, web, social media, engagement) or to focus their support on existing community news programs. We encourage you to express your specific interest area in your cover letter.

TV/Video Production

PhillyCAM seeks a highly motivated and technically proficient candidate who will be responsible for all aspects of production assignments as designated by the Education & Production Coordinator. This position will provide an opportunity to gain hands-on experience shooting, directing, and editing video and TV studio production projects. This position will also give the student an opportunity to gain experience making editorial decisions with senior staff oversight while working on a variety of PhillyCAM projects such as short informational videos, public service announcements, and community-focused talk show series programs. Additional job responsibilities may include: 

  • Participating in production meetings with staff and community organizations
  • Developing and managing lists of program subjects and contacts
  • Offering creative approaches and ideas to production projects
  • Confirming production logistics for studio and field shoots
  • Troubleshooting equipment as needed
  • Creating short promotional videos for social media and program bumpers.
  • Operating a variety of field and studio cameras
  • Editing project assignments in Adobe Premiere
  • Preparing video files to air on PhillyCAM 

Radio Production

PhillyCAM seeks a highly motivated and technically proficient candidate who is interested in gaining more experience in radio and willing to assist the WPPM Station Manager. This position will provide the opportunity to gain hands-on experience operating live radio broadcasts, compiling content for PhillyCAM's local music archive, attending community events to promote PhillyCAM Radio, creating on-air PhillyCAM promo spots, and editing audio content and preparing files to air. Additional job responsibilities may include:

  • Participating in production meetings with staff and community organizations
  • Coordinating production meetings with community partners
  • Compiling production materials
  • Offering creative approaches and ideas to production projects
  • Coordinating logistics for special radio projects such as our fund drives
  • Troubleshooting equipment as needed
  • Operating the broadcasting board
  • Preparing audio files to air on WPPM, as well as PhillyCAM guests


Community News Production (Voices OR Atrévete)

PhillyCAM seeks a motivated multimedia journalist to join our Community News team as an intern. Community News interns will work with the Education Director and Community News Producer to create monthly content as part of our news programs. For bilingual candidates, we would support a Community News intern for Atrévete, our Spanish language community news program. Interns should have foundational reporting skills and experience producing video stories.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Participating in production meetings with staff and PhillyCAM members
  • Supporting members with production support as needed for stories
  • Producing video packages for our monthly shows
  • Creating social media graphics and teasers for upcoming programs
  • Recording events with field equipment
  • Pitching original stories to cover
  • Identifying guests for studio interviews

Students applying for these positions are expected to already have basic proficiency in technical production, editing, making independent decisions, multi-tasking, and communicating with the public. Students should be self motivated and comfortable working independently. Interns with a strong interest in community driven work will benefit most from working with PhillyCAM. PhillyCAM creates schedules, up to 15 hours per week, with interns based on each intern's availability between 10 am and 7 pm with some nighttime and weekend production opportunities.

Fall Applications due, August 1, 2021. APPLY HERE

The Fall cycle will begin the  week of September 6, 2021.

For further information, contact Education Director Laura Deutch at laura@phillycam.org