Byron Jackson, November Member of the Month

"There is an old adage whose meaning I have taken advantage of for my ongoing tenure on earth that says "hard work never killed a man". I believe in and live by the lore. Years of experience of various forms of good, hard work has trained and given me the ability to perform at a special level.
Now that PhillyCAM has been exposed to the quality by way of me participating (volunteering, helping, networking, sharing...) for my short tenure as a student/member, I am blessed to know that I've been honored for sharing my gifts that have affected our community positively. Staff and members, although I had no wonder of making an impact, have recognized the overall effect of contributing that can only be expressed through getting involved. Participation becomes a vehicle to express, network, develop, grow and share. No one can move forward without it and I'll continue to take the opportunity of the former while practicing my talents, I've been honored for.
Being a member of the PhillyCAM community complements and completes the parts to make the whole of potential to be converted into good work by way of the assets it has to offer. I've decided to reach into that potential as often as possible. So, thanks PhillyCAM community. I will continue on in my talents and if any member or others feel I can support their job, I'll be ready to work."