Trudy Haynes, December Member of the Month

Trudy Haynes

Trudy Haynes has been a PhillyCAM member for 8 years, where she has continued her legacy. She is a groundbreaker and pioneer.

Ms. Haynes is one of the country's first female reporters. She is actually the nation's first black female TV reporter and the nation's 1st African-American TV weather reporter. She started reporting in 1963 in Detroit but made her name in Philadelphia starting in 1965 as a reporter for KYW-3.

In her prime, she interviewed tons of celebrities, the movers and shakers, including a few Presidents and even Dr. Martin Luther King (twice). Ms. Haynes has won an Emmy Award as well as two Lifetime Achievement Awards. She has a series on PhillyCAM, where she continues to inspire conversation about tough and entertaining topics.