Program Delivery Instructions

  1. Reserve time in media lab to deliver your master digital HD file via ftp uploader or arrange with Programming to deliver through your own remote transfer service with direct download link.
  2. Files should be named with title of show and episode number (if applicable) with no spaces, no # signs and no additional words like “ episode ” or “ PhillyCAM ” or “The. ”You can include a guest name or topic after the episode number. For example: MyShow01Content
  3. A description of the episode (under 200 characters) should be added to an episode page in advance of file-delivery. Expected filename MUST match exactly. (The system is case sensitive.) "Add in episode" from producer hub member tools in your user account. 
  4. If it is your first episode of a series or an individual special program, fill out the submission form in accordance with TV programming policies. For additional episodes of a series, another submission form is not necessary.
  5. After a file has been delivered, immediately follow up with a confirmation email to in order to schedule the timeslot