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Episode: - 06 Men's Forum
Karen Walker, Host dialogues with featured guest: Ricky Paul, Performing Artist, DJ & Activist

Rhymes for Young Ghouls (2013): Indian Agents & Forced Assimilation
Episode: - 70: Rhymes for Young Ghouls
Jeff Barnaby rocks the Ghouls world once more and educates them about the horrors the indigenous people face in Canada. Specifically the abuse in school systems shown in Rhymes for Young Ghouls.

Deep Blue Sea with Slash Her Pod
Episode: - 69: Slash Her Pod
Adrian and Stormy of Slash Her Podcast join the Ghouls to discuss their love of horror and the aquatic nightmare film, Deep Blue Sea.

False Positive (2021) & the Horrors of Patriarchal Birth Practices
Episode: - 68: False Positive
John Lee’s False Positive offers up thin layers of horrors around pregnancy but never actually explores them in the film.

Gundala with Wi-Moto Nyoka of Dusky Projects
Episode: - 67: Wi-Moto Nyoka
Wi-Moto Nyoka, writer/creator of horror media with Dusky Projects and the horror story podcast, Black Women are Scary joins us as we talk horror and about another Joko Anwar film, Gundala.

Take Back the Night Interview with Gia Elliot & Emma Fitzpatrick
Episode: - 66: Take Back the Night
Ghouls Next Door talk with creators of new horror film, Take Back the Night. Director Gia Elliot and Co-Writer Emma Fitzpatrick formed the idea after seeing the treatment of abuse victims.

ReImagine: Let’s Talk About The Return to Schools
Episode: - 04: August 2021
Bringing together working-class, Black and Brown communities to imagine a better future. With Reclaim & Resolve

Moonstone Arts Presents: Philly Loves Poetry - August 2021
Episode: - 52 Aug 2021
Moonstone Arts presents poetry and discussion with Charles S. Carr featuring current Philly Youth Laureate Cydney Brown