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Video On-Demand

Alice in Borderland (2020): The Will to Live
Episode: - 83: Alice in Borderland
Ghouls talk about the underrated Netflix show, Alice in Borderland. This show features an apocalyptic world where people play games not only to survive but to live another day.

GRWM Interview with Filmmaker Shameka Sawyer
Episode: - 82: GRWM
Ghouls chat with filmmaker, Shameka Sawyer about their social media short horror film, GRWM.

Death Parade (2015): Morality & the Afterlife
Episode: - 81: Death Parade
Is it possible to be a truly good person? How can you do it? The Ghouls talk about the thrilling, horror-anime Death Parade where the recently deceased's morality and goodness are put to the test.

Squid Game: Capitalism & Murder Games
Episode: - 80: Squid Game
Capitalism & Murder Games. Squid Game is a hit and hopefully a gateway show to more Korean shows but also content that covers the horrors of capitalism. Why would people willingly enter a murder-game?

Episode: - 13: Moonshiners
Special Guest Melissa Barker, The Archive Lady (1) Doing the Deed with James M. Beidler, Michael John Neill. (2) Moonshiners with The Archive Lady. Host: Shamele Jordon

Episode: - 14: Transcribing
Special Guest Katie Schober (1) Immigration and Naturalization Myths with James M. Beidler and Michael John Neill Show (2) Transcribing Foreign Records with Kathie, Host Shamele Jordon

The Seer & the Unseen with Sara Dosa
Episode: - 79: Seer Unseen So Vam
Ghouls talk with the director of the magical ecological documentary, The Seer and the Unseen and interview director Alice Maio Mackay, director of the queer vampire film So Vam.

Episode: - 14: M.O.M.S.,pt2
Mom's of Murdered Son's part 2 - Two mothers who experienced losing their sons to gun violence share their stories, resources, and their perspective on solutions.