All Featured Filmmakers - Philadelphia Stories


8 seasons; On-Air: 2001-2011


Listed alphabetically by filmmaker



Allison Humenuk — ‘Love Knots’

Andres Nicollini — ‘​​Iggy & Antjuan: A Work In-Progress’

Anula Shetty — ‘Life Stories: From Philadelphia’

Big Picture Alliance — ‘The Seekers’

Big Tea Party — ‘ACT Up’; ‘Sk8 B-Lo I-95’

Carmella Vassor-Johnson — ‘Standing At The Edge, We Dance’

Cheryl Hess — ‘Welcome to CB Land’

Cheryl Dunye — ‘Greetings From Africa’

Dorothea Braemer — ‘Moonsheep’

Eugene Martin — ‘Invisible Cities’’

Eva Saks — ‘Family Values’

Frances Negron-Muntaner — ‘Brincando El Charco: Portrait of a Puerto Rican’

Hernan Reyes — ‘The Eye of God’

Ira Rosensweig — ‘Krewstown: Your Past Is Never History’

Jason Warnesky — ‘Ape Labors: A Modern Tragedy’

Keiichi Kendoh — ‘A Tourist’

Kimi Takesue — ‘Poolside / Summer of the Serpent’

Laurel Greenberg — ’94 Years and 1 Nursing Home Later’

Michael O’Reilly — ’In the Shadow of the Shortest Saint’

Michael Mullan — ’Dear Sir: Letters from a Union Soldier’

Miriam Camitta — ’Crosstown’

Nadine Patterson — ‘Loqueesha Ashley Franklin Jose Brown’

Robert Mugge — ‘Amateur Night at City Hall: The Story of Frank L. Rizzo’

Ron Kanter — ‘Acting Out’

Tina Morton — ‘Severed Souls’ 

Vincent C. Ellis — ‘Roots: A Film En Music’



Alicia Jackson — ‘S.T.A.T.S. Sex Teen Aids: Take 'em Serious’

Anula Shetty — ‘Junk Mail’

Barry Dornfeld — ’Fly to Freedom: The Art of the Golden Venture Refugees’; ‘Look Forward and Carry on the Past: Stories from Chinatown’ 

Big Picture Alliance — ‘Turning Point’

Dorothea Braemer — ‘Pigeons’

Eugene Martin — ‘Cynthia’s Window’

George McCollough — ‘Prison Dialogues: A message to Our Youth’

Gretjen Clausing — ‘Chew This’

Huixia Lu — ‘Alice Lui's Weekend’

James McGillin — ‘The Hatred of Redundancy’

Joseph DiGerolamo — ‘Mangia Nonnina’

June Fortunato — ‘Adele’s Way’

K.M. (Ken) Winikur — ‘John Lumia: Unauthorized’

Karen Lefkovitz — ‘Labor’s Glory’

Kevin Sheaff — ‘Sylvester Outley: A Man and His Mission’

Kevin Diehl — ‘Lunch Cart’

Lisa Chouteau — ‘Jack Rosen: Portrait of a Photographer’

Louis Massiah — ‘A is for Anarchist B is for Brown’

Michael Thomas — ‘The Ash Barge Odyssey’

Michael Dennis — ‘Jazzyfatnastees: In Process’

Michael O’Reilly — ‘City Hall 2.1.5’

Michael Kuetemeyer — ‘American Street’

Marcel Reedus — ‘The Fight’

Nathalie Applewhite — ‘Picture Me An Enemy’

Ron Kanter — ‘Piano Suite’

Ryan Saunders and Malkia Lydia —‘Mother Dot’s Philadelphia’

Sam Zolten — ‘Sam & Squirrel’

Shakti Jaising — ‘All Items $1’

Sloan Seale — ‘Recovery Mural’

Tina Morton — ‘If You Call Them’

Uma Magal — ‘Civil Disobedience’ 

Wendy L. Weinberg — ‘The Art of Activism’


Anne Cremieux — ‘The Making of The Black Ninja’

Barry Dornfeld — ‘LaVaughn Robinson: Dancing History’

Bert Shapiro — ‘An Appointment with Mr Robert’

Big Picture Alliance — ‘You Never Know’

Big Tea Party — ‘Crop Circles’

Bobby Miller — ‘Optimistic’

Chad Jenkins — ‘Sideman’

Cindy L. Burstein — ‘Passionate Voices: American Jews and Israel’

Eric Thomas — ‘Taxi Driver’

Huixia Lu — ‘When I Was Young’

James McGillin — ‘Winter’

Janet C. Wagner — ‘Girls Like Us’

Joseph Ruscitto — ‘Between the Edges’

Kevin Diehl — ‘Barbeque with Bobby Seale’

Leo Aristimuno — ‘The Rhythms of Nostalgia’

Lowell Boston — ‘Chance’

Lynn Denton — ‘City Light’

Marina Petrovskaia — ‘Confessions’

Mark Scalese — ‘Religious Identity’

Michael Dennis — ‘Next Tuesday’

Michael O’Reilly — ‘The Geometry of Grief’

Nadine Patterson — ‘Cosmic Trane’

Ned Eckhardt — ‘Not Without A Past’

Nicole Keating — ‘Hair Appointments for Josie’

Nora Malone — ‘Suzana's Dream’

Rob Baniewicz — ‘My Mother’

Rocco V. Iacovone — ‘10 Minutes’

Scribe Video Center — ‘The Best Kept Secret’; ‘Los Trabajadores’

Sharon Mullally — ‘Rufus Jones: A Luminous Life’

Shashwati Talukdar — ‘Eunuch Alley’

Sloan Seale — ‘Recovery Portrait’

Upma Singh — ‘Child Prodigies: Where Are They Now?’

Warren Bass — ‘Beat-Box Philly’; ‘Philadelphia Shaikh’

Wendy L Weinberg — ‘Under New Management: Student Voices and School Reform’


Amiram Amitai — ‘Westside Store’

Amy Olk — ‘The Clock’

Andrea Elovson — ‘Breaking the Rule of Thumb’

Ann Tegnell — ‘Knee Deep’

Anne Cremieux — ‘Crystal’

Barbara Kigozi — ‘Fo(u)nd Memories’

Barry Dornfeld — ‘I Choose to Stay Here’

Bernadine Mellis — ‘‘The Golden Pheasant: An Orphan's Tale’

Brendan Jerome — ‘Priority 3’

Big Picture Alliance — ‘Camike’; ‘Identity’; ‘True Colors’

Carmella Vassor-Johnson — ‘Endangered Species’

Christina Ortiz — ‘Divine Lorraine Hotel’

Deborah Arnold — ‘United Traces’

Eugene Martin — ‘Open Distance’

Filmon Mebrahtu — ‘Recontrer’

Frances McElroy — ‘Ballycastle’

Greenfield Intercultural Center — ‘From Heart to Heart’

Huixia Lu — ‘Memory’

Jeff P. Elstone II — ‘Mother Divine’

Karen Mintz — ‘Trash is a Failure of Imagination’

Lauren Galanter — ‘Endless Spirit (of Destruction)’

Marianne Bernstein — ‘From Philadelphiato the Front: Jewish American WWII Veterans’

Mark Scalese —’Bob’s Circle’

Michael Kuetemeyer — ‘Norris Square’

Michael O’Reilly — ‘City Halls 2.0.5’

Michael and Vera Zubarev — ‘Loneliness’

Rocco V. Iacovone — ‘Behind Bars’

Ryan Saunders and Malkia Lydia — ‘Mother Dot's Philadelphia The Music Continues’

Scribe Video Center — ‘Hear it, Feel it, Play it: A Conversation in Jazz’; ‘Peace in the Goodlands’

Sherone Rabinovitz — ‘The Push’

Ted Passon — ‘A Home Movie’

Teya Sepinuck — ‘Raising Our Voices:Emerging from the Shadows of Domestic Abuse’

Tina Morton — ‘A Promise Fulfilled’

Upma Singh — ‘Whispers’

Warren Bass — ‘Georgie Bond Sings the Blues’



Aaron Blandon — ‘The Battle of Eshu and Iku’

Amy Olk — ‘Consolation’

Andrew Watson — ‘Philadelphia Changing’

Anita Schillhorn van Veen — ‘Little Surabaya’

Anula Shetty — ‘Asians Misbehavin’

Big Tea Party — ‘No Butts About It’

Chelsea O’Rourke — ‘Portrait of Life in Progress’

David Toll — ‘Rendezvous At Renaissance’

Erica Vanstone — ‘The Third Candidate’

Erika Mijlin — ‘The View from Amber Street’

George McCollough — ‘All for the Taking’

Hyun-Been Jo — ‘A Trip’

Leann Erickson – ‘Neighborhood Ladies’

Leonard Guercio — ‘Tiramisu’

Louis Massiah — ‘Wrought Iron’

Lulu Miller – ‘Tales From The Past: LeRoy Johnson’

Lynn Denton – ‘Scumbling’

Maori Karmael Holmes — ‘Scene Not Heard: Women in Philadelphia Hip Hop’

Mark Scalese — ‘Implosion’

Michael O’Reilly — ‘Planet Greenfield: The Movie’

Michael Kuetemeyer — ‘African Garden’

Ned Hylton — ‘Portrait of a Dude’

Richard Hoffman — ‘Fridays at the Farm’

Scribe Video Center — ‘From the Dell to the El: A Neighborhood Evolving’

Shelley Barry — ‘Whole-A Trinity of Being’

Sonali Gulati — ‘Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night’

Soon Hong — ‘Man in A Box’

Thomas Porett — ‘Harmonizing: Singing from the Heart’

Valerie Keller — ‘Stepping on Upworld’

Warren Bass — ‘Art of the Advocate’

Yvette Smalls — ‘Hair Stories’

Zilan Munas — ‘At the Wall’



Aaron Blandon — ‘Guns, Books and Playgrounds’

Alison Crouse — ‘Farewell, Silk City’

Andrew David Watson —’Down the Hatch: The Life Teachings of John "Red" Stuart’

Anula Shetty — ‘Asians Misbehavin Model Minority Men’

Barry Dornfeld — ‘Thank You, West Africa’

Byron Karabatsos — ‘4021 Parkside Avenue’

Christian Janss — ‘The Pair’

Curtis Albucher — ‘That’s Not Art’

David Block — ‘Brian’s Run’

Debbie Rudman — ‘City Harvest’

Dominic Hilton — ‘Land of the Giants’; Ship in a Bottle Works’

Erika Miljin — ‘The View from Amber Street, Continued’; ‘Virtual Memory and the Random Generator’

Eugene Martin — ‘Beirut Boys’

Frances McElroy — ‘Island Idyll’

Ish Klein — ‘Letter to the Editor’

Joshua Evans — ‘Career Courier’

Joy Esther Phillips Butts — ‘Right to Recovery’

K.S. Haskey — ‘Sisters of Philadelphia’

Leonard Guercio — ‘St. Nicholas Authentic Italian Festival’

Lu Wang — ‘A Philadelphia Story’

Lynn Denton — ‘City Taxi’

Maori Karmael Holmes — ‘Rah Crawford: Pop Star’

Marc Brodzik — ‘Mouina:The Tree’

Marquise Lee — ‘Madame’

Michael Kuetemeyer — ‘Prison Life Stories’

Michael Serazio — ‘Illa: Explorations in Philly Identity’

Michael O’Reilly — ‘Berks and Belgrade’

Michael Dennis — ‘The Passion of Ursula Rucker’

Mike Attie — ‘Hooked: Philly's Urban Anglers’

Misha and Vera Zubarev — ‘About Angels, etc.’

Nadine Patterson — ‘On Bass’

Phally Chroy — ‘Coming Home After 22 years’

Ram Devineni — ‘With Every Breath’

Richard Power Hoffman — ‘Prayer for Philadelphia’

Rocco V. Iacovone — ‘The Basic Ingredients’

Ron Kanter — ‘Connections’

S.K. Thompson — ‘The Leesburg 33’

Samuel Nalband — ‘Charlie & Guy’

Sarah J. Christman — ‘Minding the Hive’

Sosena Solomon — ‘Fashion First: Sneaker Kicks’

Yakvalkhodjiev Furkat — ‘One City-Four Fates’


A.Q. Quintero — ‘Philly Home Movie’

Andrew David Watson — ‘Philadelphia's Velib’

Anula Shetty — ‘Yo! Taxi’

Big Picture Alliance — ‘Restoring La Communidad’; ‘Ups and Downs’

Black Lily, Inc. — ‘New Scenery’

Byron Karabatsos — ‘The Exchange’

Chris Castor — ‘A World Without Boundaries’

Chris Filippone — ‘Driving the American Dream: Philadelphia Taxi Industry's Need for Workers' Comp’

Daniel Louis Clifton – ‘For All Mankind’

Erika Mijlin — ‘Something in Common’; ‘Unschooling’

Eve Burris — ‘A Brighter Future’

Hana Iverson — ‘Cross/Walks: Weaving Fabric Row’

Jason Smikie — ‘Soul Survivors’

Jean Warrington — ‘Weavers Way Farm’

John N. Campbell — ‘The Man Who Loved Trees’

Joshua Camerote — ‘The Cartoonist’

Joy Esther Phillips Butts — ‘Harvey Finkle's Photography: A Call to Action’

Jullie Goldstein — ‘I Am Adopted’

Laska Jimsen — ‘Horse in the City: Lessons form the Bill Pickett Riding Academy’

Louise Akanlu — ‘Shifting Sands’

Lowell Boston — ‘Camden’

Michael Dennis — ‘The 13th Amendment’

Mikaelyn Austin — ‘The Palestra: Cathedral of Basketball’

Ram Devineni — ‘Alien Roadkill’

Rashid Zakat — ‘illvibe!’

Rini Yun Keagy — ‘Conversations About Ships’

Ron Lipsky — ‘Camden Love/Hate’

Rosemary Connors — ‘Memory Train’

Sannii Crespina-Flores — ‘Do Remember Me’

Sean Maher — ‘Philadelphia: Hopes and Fears’

Tatiana Bacshus — ‘Porches’

Ted Passon — ‘Joined by Divisions’

Tina Morton — ‘Philadelphia's Scribe’

Vic Compher — ‘I Cannot Be Silent: Testimonies of Peacemaking’

Yongkyung Cho — ‘Sunny’



Big Picture Alliance — ‘DHS: Give Us Back Our Children’

Chinonye Chukwu — ‘The Dance Lesson’ 

Falena Hand — ‘Yesterday’s Today’

Jai Rice — ‘Mazzoni: 1979/2009’; ‘Storyteller’

John N. Campbell — ‘Winky: A Feral Cat’

John McGlaughlin — ‘Poor, White and Stupid’

Jonathan Olshefski — ‘The Scrapper’

Kathryn Morrison — ‘The World is Good’

Laska Jimsen — ‘The Storm Report’

Laurence Salzmann — ‘Face to Face: Encounters between Jews and Blacks’

Leticia Roa Nixon — ‘El Sol Sale Para Todos’

M.A.G. Siddiqui — ‘Nick Berg: More than Fire Tamed’

Mari Sato — ‘(Don’t) Go To College’

Maria Erades — ‘Green City, Clean Waters’

Meg Sarachan — ‘Neon as Art’

Michael O’Reilly — ‘United States vs. O’Reilly’ 

Nicole Keating — ‘My Breast Friend Sam’

Rebecca Abboud — ‘The Women of Juarez Through the Eyes of an Artist’

Sarah Bones — ‘Housing as the Road to Health Care’

Thomas Porett – ‘Mud Architect’

Walker Zavareei – ‘Mestre Doutor: The Heart of Philadelphia Capoeira’