October 2013

Accentuate w.Terri Lyons

Entertaining enrichment that highlights contradictions and
dilemmas of our current culture with historical reference that has been
erased from social consciousness.

Sundays at 3pm

The Battle of Princeton

An historical documentary about one of the most important battles of the American Revolution produced by Constance Komm
Saturdays in November & December at 8:20pm

Griotworks: Stories in Service 2012

A documentation of Griotworks' annual African storytelling festival in five Philly neighborhoods. Includes footage of storytellers and interview with organizer Jos Duncan.
Saturdays in November & December at 8:05pm

Eatala : A Life in Klezmer

A loving portrait of 3rd generation Jewish klezmer musician Elaine Hoffman Watts (her Yiddish name is “Eatala”). Feisty & determined, she has broken barriers as a musician, a working mother, and in her persisitent devotion to her family’s musical legacy.
Produced by the Phila Folklore project
Saturdays in November & December at 7:30pm

Philadelphia Podcast Festival

Showcases twelve of Philadelphia’s premier podcasts including workshops and panel discussions detailing the benefits and uses of independent media & explaining the process of podcasting.
Saturdays in November & December at 1pm

Young, Involved & Immigrant in Philadelphia

High school students engage with university students to discuss their experience as young immigrants living in our city, giving a voice to our young and involved residents on a subject usually dominated by the adult perspective. Recorded live at Phillycam’s studio
Fridays in November & December at 6pm

inSightOut TV

The world becomes a better place when we let our insight out.  Join inSightOut TV for an exciting, informational, and entertaining look at music, art and technology in our communities and beyond. Produced by Oscar Payne
Sundays at 5pm

Race Riot A Culture Challenge

Comedy: A Group of Racially Diverse Middle aged bigoted Friends that are egged on by a kid to compete in a variety of challenges and contests
Produced by David Martino
Fridays at 10pm

Fantastic Forum

Comic, Science Fiction & Fantasy panel discussion, industry insider interviews, event coverage & related multi-media
Sponsored by Taurin Gordon, produced by Ulysses Campbell.
Tuesdays at 11:30pm

Conversations Across Time

Panel discussion moderated by Vivienne Crawford  including actors portraying various historical personalities discussing current events.
Tuesdays at 10pm

Spy Hop: Watch This!

 A civic-minded, grass roots, youth produced TV show.
A project of  Spy Hop, a nonprofit youth development center whose mission is to mentor young people in the digital media arts
Mondays at 4:30pm and Sundays at 7:30am

youth program


Produced by the Public Media Commons at WHYY showcasing videos by community members about issues and concerns that are most important to them.
Executive Producer: Craig Santoro, Host: Steven Dixon 
Mondays at 4pm & Sundays at 7am

youth program