January 2015


Coverage of the MLK Day of Action Resistance and Empowerment March on Jan 19, 2015. Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower & Rebuild (POWER).


'Black Lives Matter' Protesters In Philly #ReclaimMLK Day March for Justice, Jobs & Education demanding an end to "Stop & Frisk," an increase in minimum wage, and a full funding formula for schools

Saturdays at 12:00 pm in February

Griotworks Showcase

GriotWorks is a signature organization in producing and presenting artistic work based in African American traditions, storytelling and culture. 

Featuring: Griot Sway Youth Music Video, Stories In Service 2012, Discussion: Black Male Storytelling - Fruitvale Station, Trayvon and Beyond, Discussion: AfroFuturism

Saturdays at 7pm in February

Followed by:
Mama Jo 
In this ode to community mothers, a female drummer must confront an estranged young man she raised.
by Jos Duncan of GriotWorks

Hello, Fall,
A short visual film about embracing change.
by Jos Duncan



Trans Oral History Project

I Live for Trans Education: A Youth Toolkit

Saturdays at 8pm in February


I Live for Media Literacy shows some of the prevalent images and themes in mainstream media representations of transgender people. It also talks about how we can go beyond mainstream media to make our own representations of our community.

I Live for Trans Employment: chronicles the fight for legal protections for transgender people in the workplace and explores some of the challenges trans people face finding a job.

I Live for Healthcare: describes some of the challenges facing transgender people accessing health care related to transitioning and health care in general.

I Live for Creating Acceptance: describes barriers to trans acceptance within the community and without. 


Philly TV Fest Presents:

Independent shorts competition

Sundays at 9:30pm in February 


Stay Tuned in March for The Philly TV Fest program series:  a combination of breakout educational sessions &  roundtable discussions Sundays at 1:30 pm


SEPTA in Motion

How SEPTA Works – An inside look at the whole system.

Produced by Radnor Public Access

Saturdays at 5pm in February


Senior Arts Initiative presents Conversations with An Artist

Visual Artists reveal the history of their careers

Episode 1 features Carol Moore who incorporates geography and poetry into her 2 & 3 dimensional art.  Although recently retired from teaching at UArts, she has not retired from making art.

Fridays at 7pm

Dancin' On Air

Where viewers get a real glimpse into the lives of the show's Regulars, and doing good for the community

Produced by Michael Nise & Chrystel Eberts

Saturdays at 11:30am

Moonstone Arts Presents: Who Do You Love?

Local poets and writers discuss a featured poet in this LIVE monthly discussion and open mic series.

LIVE from the PhillyCAM Studio on the first Tuesday of the month  

(and repeated throughout the month at the same time)

Tuesdays at 6:30pm


February’s focus is on Langston Hughes with poet panelists: Kirwyn Sutherland,  Tee S. Hawkins and hosted by Warren C. Longmire.



The Hype

A talk/magazine show about young women and issues that affect them. Produced by   Tiffany Bacon

Thursdays at 6pm


New topics include:

"Being Black" This show features a discussion on what, or who, defines an African American's "blackness."


"Are Women Afraid To Be Soft?" Why are aggressive behaviors and masculinity often associated with independent women? This show talks about the reasons why.


"Side Chick Culture" This show discusses why some women are comfortable being "the other woman."


"Ghetto Vs. Rachet" This show discusses the difference between the terms Ghetto and Rachet.