April 2015

PACDC's Mayoral Candidates Forum on Equitable Development

Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations' Mayoral Candidates Forum on Equitable Development, co-hosted by Temple University's Department of Community and Regional Planning. Candidates for Mayor will answer questions and share their ideas on how Philadelphia can nurture growth and development in a way that attacks inequality, improves the conditions of our neighborhoods, and provides opportunities for all residents to benefit from a stronger city.   April 1st at 6:30pm https://phillycam.org/livestream

On PhillyCAM TV and https://phillycam.org/web-channel  Sundays at noon April & May until the primary

Leadership 101 with Councilwoman BRB

Leadership and development program for Philly’s next generation of Women leaders with Blondell Reynolds Brown

Tuesdays at 1pm

05: “Soft Skills in the Workplace.” This session will focus on improving leadership skills, communication, public-speaking and self-confidence. The goal of this session is to improve participant’s soft skills to their full potential.

06: “Legal Eagle: Enforcing Your Rights at Work" Important legal rights aspects of employment and key areas where employees and workers are frequently exploited are addressed. The goal of this session is that participants know their basic rights at the workplace.

Kemar Jewel Presents Two Short Films

Voguing Train

Voguing and Ballroom are both such underground culture. So, let’s actually take it underground!


The Runway Museum

Runway is all about the Stride, the hips, the outfit, the poses, and of course the shade. We have it all here at the Runway Museum.


Saturdays at 7:20pm in May & June 

Eccentrics Anonymous

Video art from odd people. Eccentrics Anonymous is a videophone for a collective of closeted artists who create art for arts sake. There is no self-promotion or promotion of other artists. We create content so those late-night viewers who are still surfing the cable channels will stop and wonder, "What the **** is this?" Maybe something strikes their fancy, maybe not. But if it facilitates a couple of chuckles, or delights even a handful in the cable-cast zone, we are satisfied. Thank you to the Comcast overlords of Philadelphia!


Produced by Chad Raines

Mondays at 11:30pm

Go Philly Service (GPS)

Wednesdays at 8pm

Liberty Resources will present this episode of GPS focusing on a discussion of Institutional Bias as it relates to Disability Rights.

Linda Anthony
Disability  Rights Network of Pennsylvania (DRNPA)
Community Info & Advocacy Specialist

Jean Searle
Disability  Rights Network of Pennsylvania (DRNPA)
Policy Advocate

Norma Robertson Dabrowski
Liberty Resources
Mgr Nursing Home Transition
Estelle Richman
PA Dept Public Welfare (PA DPW)
and US Dept Housing, Urban Dev (HUD)

The 5 Shorts Film Project

In this platform for aspiring film professionals to gain industry credit and experience, participants learned all aspects of creating a short film, including: pre-production, production, post-production, fundraising, casting, location scouting, and more. The program includes Meant to Be, So Close So Far, Delete & Block, Rewind, Matter of Time created by members of the Philadelphia Actors Connect Meetup Group: Lateek Harrison, Tiffany Wilson, S.L. Sawyer, David Thompson, and Kyle Williamson .

Sundays at 9:30pm in May & June

Wages of Spin Part 1 & 2

Part 1 Chronicles the Philadelphia Music Scene 1952 – 1963,  focusing primarily on Dick Clark, Bandstand, The Teen Idols and Payola. This is the first honest, comprehensive look at the inner workings of The Music Industry during this time frame.

Part 2 Explores the inner workings of the Recording Industry circa 1979 - 1993, focusing on the relationships between: The Record Labels, Promo Men, Radio Programmers, Organized Crime and The Government.

By Character driven Films

Saturdays at 7:30pm in May & June

Leeway Trans Literary Salon

In conjunction with the 2014 Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, Leeway presents our Second Trans Literary Salon highlighting the work of emerging literary artists from a diversity of genres including poetry, fiction, memoir, and spoken word. The salon  features readings from Annie Mok (ACG ’13), Dark Matter, Imogen Binnie, J Mase III (ACG ’07), and KOKUMỌ. 

Saturdays at 6:30pm in May & June


Overview of the Represent exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art  with some interviews from the African American PMA board members and a few stills of artwork that was on display

By William Pyramid

Saturdays at 2:55pm in May & June

Higher than Seven

With a growing number of creative professionals worldwide, Higher Than 7 is home to a select group of accomplished writers, musicians, producers, directors, and innovators from around the globe. Higher Than 7 Music Videos and Short Films, is a collection of work produced by Higher Than 7 productions. Higher Than 7 mission is to create a movement of music, film, art, fashion, and imagination that pushes the boundaries of the creative arts. Music Videos & Short Films

Fridays at 8pm
Produced by Anis Taylor

PTW Mayoral Forum on Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

On Tues. May 19, the Philadelphia Democratic Mayoral Primary may likely determine who will be the executive leader and public face for one of the country's largest cities for the next four or even eight years. During the Nutter administration, there was an explosion of technology, entrepreneurship and new innovative thinking in the public, private and nonprofit spaces of the city. With that momentum, the Philadelphia technology and entrepreneurship communities should rally to show our interest in a smarter future. Candidates include State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams, Former District Attorney Lynne Abraham, Former PGW executive Doug Oliver, Lawyer Nelson Diaz

https://phillycam.org/livestream Mon 4/20 from 5:00 - 7:00

Repeats on PhillyCAM TV and https://phillycam.org/web-channel Saturdays at noon until primary

City of Comcasterly Love

Live from the TV studios of PhillyCAM, representatives from the Media Mobilizing Project, Indy Hall and local and national PEG access television station staffers will engage in a lively conversation about the upcoming renegotiation of the City’s cable franchise with Comcast. Don’t be turned off by the wonky topic. The franchise is what will determine the terms of our relationship with Comcast for the next 15 years and cover everything from quality of cable service to access to affordable broadband for low income families to preserving the public’s ability to make their own media and distribute it on local public access. Talk about triple play! How might Comcast rise to the occasion and set an example of corporate citizenship in their hometown. Participants include Alex Hillman, Indy Hall; Gretjen Clausing, PhillyCAM; Bryan Mercer & Hannah Sassaman, Media Mobilizing Project.

Livestream on TV & phillycam.org/web-channel Wednesday, April 22 12:00pm–2:00pm

Repeats on PhillyCAM TV and phillycam.org/web-channel Wednesdays at noon until the primary