June 2016

PJP presents: Raimundo Santos 7x7 performance from Venice Island

Raimundo Santos

Raimondo Santos promises to excite and lift the audience while taking them on a musical journey with his trio composed of the bass, drums and piano. The trio of Adam Faulk (Piano), Kimpedro Rodriguez (Drums),c Jason Fraticelli (Bass), and Raimundo Santos (Vocals) performs standards and originals as they play American, Latin and Afro-Latin compositions in English and Portuguese. This performance was a part of the Philadelphia Jazz Project's 7x7 Venice Island Concert Series at the new and beautiful Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center in Manayunk. Recorded July 24, 2015 by Antoine Haywood

Sundays at 7:30pm in July

DNC: Connecting Movements with Media Makers

DNC: Connecting Movements with Media Makers

Battle for Broad

Captures the tension of Summer 2000. With the eyes of the world upon them, the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign gathered to take on the Phila police in a battle to hold an illegal march on the opening day of Republican National Convention

By Skylight Pictures, Presented by PPEHRC

Saturdays at 6:30pm in July


Unconventional Coverage: The Message & the Means

Commentary  filmed during the protests that erupted when the Republicans first nominated George Bush for president at their national convention in Philadelphia in 2000. By SLAW.me (formerly Big Tea Party)

Saturdays at 7pm in July


In the year 2000, the Republican National Convention was held in Philadelphia. Huge numbers of people turned up to protest. Every day that week, SLAW.me reported on the action in the streets.

During the week of the DNC daily , July 25-29 at 8:30am








Remixing Colorblind

Remixing Colorblind

Documentary examining how higher education shapes our perceptions of race

By Sheena Howard

Saturdays at 8pm in July

Plugged In

Plugged In

Short film based on the polarizing effects of social media. It also includes a behind-the-scenes interview with the cast and a social media conversation

by Zareefa Abdul-Adl

Saturdays at 8:30pm in July

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry

The industry. The ultimate game of chess. Names in lights careers at all time heights. Broken dreams, unheard screams and mixed matched teams. What do you do when you are paid to live a lie? The office of secrets.

By Deeva Gordon

Saturdays at 9pm in July

The NBA Files

The NBA Files

Hosted by Kwame-Fisher Jones & Roy Burton, a talk show dedicated to the world of professional basketball"

Mondays at 11am


Gruesome Twosomes

Gruesome Twosomes

Features two tales of terror  beginning with a gruesome story using footage from an old public domain movie and then another gruesome event happens involving the story-teller and/or the listener.

Mondays at 3:30pm

What’s Hidden

What’s  Hidden

Mother and Daughter Productions are proud to present “What’s Hidden” that showcases up and coming underground artists, composers, singers, rappers, producers and  poets. 

Wednesdays at  11:30pm 

My New Philly

My New Philly

A compilation entertaining and informative show from MyNEWPhilly that capture why Philly is a great place to live, work and play.

By Kyree Terrell

Thursdays at 6pm

Political Conventions & Protest Movements


Join us for a panel discussion with current and former broadcast journalists preparing for the DNC as they investigate how the broadcast environment has and has not changed over the years as technology and society evolves.

Panelists include: Cherri Gregg, Dick Sheeran, and Mary Cavallaro. Moderated by Trenae Nuri, Hosted by SAG-AFTRA and PhillyCAM


Live-Stream July 12th  7-8:30pm


Repeat on Cable and the webchannel the week of the DNC

Wednesday July 27 at 9am

DNC LIVE coverage at PCAM

DNC LIVE coverage at PCAM

Live coverage during the week of the DNC at PhillyCAM by member producers 


Noon – 1pm Daily 

July 25 - 29

Centennial of the Irish Rising Parts 1&2

Interview with Deidre Mullin the granddaughter of the Philadelphia-Irish financier of the uprising in Dublin Ireland,

Interview with Dr James Murphy and John Ricciutti about 1916 Irish Uprising from a historians perspective. 

 By Jill Frechie 

Thursdays at 2:30pm in July 

Followed by
Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Veterans Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Veterans with disabilities supports veterans in learning how to maximize their business potential. 


All Together Now

All Together Now

A documentary by Penn Alexander 7th Grade Geography Club

About the role of Philadelphia in World War II, Discussion includes the roles of African Americans and Jewish Americans

Wednesdays at 3:30pm in July

People’s Emergency Center Present: Short videos by Youth

Mixing on the Mile

Abstract experimental video created by Digital Organizers in partnership with the People's Emergency Center and the Slought Foundation. Youth interviewed 100 West Philadelphians about their hopes, fears, and concerns for West Philly. 

Digital Organizers

West Philly youth aka Digital Organizers describe the pride and pressure of making youth media.

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

Do Remember Me in partnership with youth from People's Emergency Center's Tech Stars discuss liberty with their international digital pen pals.

Alternating on Thursdays at 3:30pm & Saturdays at 7:30am in July

Mashed Media Awards 2016

Mashed Media Awards 2016

The Mashed Media Awards is a local competition that honors youth who make innovative, outstanding digital media to artistically illustrate youth perspective in our communities.

Documentary selections and clips from POPPYN, the Social Justice honoree from the 2016 Mashed Media Awards featuring work produced by youth throughout the Philadelphia region.

Tuesdays at 3:30pm


Visionary and documentary selections from the 2016 Mashed Media Awards featuring work produced by youth throughout the Philadelphia region.


Narrative selections from the 2016 Mashed Media Awards featuring work produced by youth throughout the Philadelphia region.


Sundays at 9am in July

Youth Powered Media Vol 1

Youth Powered Media Vol 1

PhillyCAM Youth Media Members created several videos over the last seven months.Youth Powered Media Vol 1 is a compilation of these videos that speak to youth voice and creativity in the City of Philadelphia.

Fridays at 5:30pm in July

Naked Uncle Sam

Naked Uncle Sam

A group of school children playing in Central Park, discover a man crying, nearly naked and homeless and hungry.  They have discovered Uncle Sam, post 9/11.

By Exavier Wardlaw

Saturdays at 1am in July

Phila. Independent Film Awards Part 1

Philadelphia Independent Film Awards Part 1

The Phila. Independent film Awards was created to recognize the Excellence and diversity of filmmakers and to tap into a vast array of talent. The mission is to showcase an exceptional yet often overlooked pool of talented film creators. 

Produced by Walter Wimberly

Saturdays at 1:30pm in July

PAFA Annual Student Exhibition

PAFA Annual Student Exhibition

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts annual gala preview party highlighting students and post graduate students work 

by Jill Frechie

Saturdays at 2:30pm in July 

Happy Collaborator & Everyone's Channel

George Stoney

This year, July 1 marks the 100th anniversary of George Stoney's birthday.
Many of us knew George, were friends or were inspired by him, and many were collaborators over many years, either in film making or community building work.


"Happy Collaborator" is a poignant documentary by Mike Hazard that portrays George Stoney as a filmmaker, teacher of film, and media activist. George is widely known as "the father of public access."  "Happy Collaborator" includes clips from 17 films, interviews with collaborators who worked with George in front of and behind the camera, and intimate recordings with him.

Sundays at 8:30pm in July


Followed  by

"Everyone's Channel," a 1990 documentary about the early history of U.S. community television and public access TV. It includes interviews with access pioneers (especially George Stoney), explores the technological developments that helped make cable access a reality, and stresses the continuing need to see it as a vital necessity and right.