August 2015

BlackStar Film Festival: Media and Social Justice Panel

We understand that film and its companion mediums are central to shifting culture and instigating change, but how is media being used currently to address increasing awareness for justice around social justice issues such as racial profiling, LGBTQ rights, and the prison industrial complex? Panelists will examine these issues and discuss their approaches to making work that matters. Moderated by Dr. John L. Jackson, Jr.

Saturdays in September at 2:30pm

Your House is Our House

Summary process in civil forfeitures in Philadelphia that included an interview with the DA Seth Williams presented by Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law

Sundays in September at 1pm

Firme y Feliz; Peruvian Women in Social Justice Movements

Explores firsthand  the role of three Peruvian women and their experiences within resistance and social justice movements. Examining the historical context of Peru, the victories of these movements, what role women played, why they chose to become politically active and how the experience shaped their world perspective, serves to preserve Latina culture and history, a vital first step in new movement building for social justice work today.
By Jasmine Rivera

 Sundays in September at 8:30pm 


Produced in partnership with Leeway Foundation and Bread and Roses, Release is a sample of conversations, insights and experiences shared at the Town Hall for Gender Justice and Mass Incarceration.

Sundays in September at 9:15pm

MAG-NET highlights from AMC

Steve Renderos from the Center for Media Justice spoke with MAG-NET members to talk about updates from the field during the 2015 Allied Media Conference.

Wednesdays in September at 9am