February 2016

Discover Me Philly

Discover talent beyond the Philly region as well as local entertainers, Musicians, comedians, actors.

By Dave Branca

 Thursdays at 12am

My Special Day

Highlighting ordinary people on their most special day

By Howard Gilliam

 Thursdays at 1pm

To Be A Human Being

A 6 Part Global Doc. Series produced by filmmakers in 8 countries exploring what it means to be human through 6 themes: Sustenance, Love, Culture, Faith, Fear, Hope

The communities and countries include: Harlem USA, Columbia, Jordan, Spain, New Zealand, Dominican Republic/Haiti, Portugal and India.

Philadelphia filmmaker and producer, Jos Duncan is among the filmmakers and worked as the Writer and Producer for the US segments.

 Sundays at 8:30pm

Loud City Radio

An interview show that plays music and music videos

By Craig Towns

Sundays at 11:30pm

One to One

One to one discipleship making.

By Mike Couch

Sundays at 7:30am


Echoes of Justice

Courtroom drama about William Kunstler & Lynne Stewarts most famous trial.

An 18 year old Bronx kid, Larry Davis,  who sold drugs for the police & escapes a fierce fire fight with an NYPD S.W.A.T.team, becoming Americas most wanted fugitive.

By Exavier Wardlaw

Saturdays at 1am

Phila Asian American Film Fest 2015 HipHop Panel Discussion


Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival presents:  Strength in Numbers Sights and Sounds of the Asian American Hip Hop Generation
guest curated by producer and emcee Scott CHOPS Jung of Philly’s legendary Mountain Brothers, the first Asian American Hip Hop group signed to a major record label. This multimedia program explores the Asian American Hip Hop movement through music videos and live performances by artists included in the seminal compilation album Strength in Numbers Featuring a Q& A with Strength in Numbers;creator CHOPS (other producer credits include Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj) and special guests.Moderated by dr. James Peterson Director of Africana Studies and Associate Professor of English, Lehigh University,
Founder of Hip Hop Scholars, Inc and a frequent Guest Commentator on MSNBC and CNN Panelists scott chops jung Mountain Brothers, Producer and Emcee Chris peril-l wang Mountain Brothers, Emcee Steve styles infinite wei Mountain Brothers, Emcee catzie vilayphonh Yellow Rage, Spoken Word Artist Featured artists in music video program: Mountain Brothers Paul Kim & Dumbfoundead Bambu Rocky Rivera Rekstizzy Ann One Level, Rob Campman, Lil Crazed Mic Barz ; Timothy Flu


Saturdays at 1:30pm


Out & About

Covering the Papal visit and how Irish Americans feel about it.

By Character Driven Films

Sundays at 3:30pm 


Lively carnival Dance in Center City, Phila

By Andrew Nelson

Sundays at 3:50pm