January 2016

Brotherly Love 215

Home of HipHop News & Culture, Featuring interviews & videos from Philly emerging Artists

Produced by Marco Berry

Saturdays at 12:30am

Chinese Culture in Philly

Experience of Chinese students in Philadelphia includes lesson in speaking & writing Mandarin

By Andrew Nelson

Mondays at noon in February

Healthy Eating, Healthy Thinking

Host Mr. Woodard of Human Family Day

and  Co-Host Tracey Younger attempt to break racial barriers through a discussion of  healthy thinking and healthy eating.

By Imrana Ali

Fridays at noon in February

Angels Giants Monsters

Theatrical production  about the arrival of Satan in the garden of Eden with fallen angels in a fleet of flying saucers. It is down hill for mankind in this retelling of the book of Enoch in the times before the flood of Noah

by Exavier Wardlaw

Saturdays at 1am in February


People's State of the Union LIVE

The People’s State of the Union is an annual civic ritual and participatory art project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture. It is founded on the principle that democracy is a conversation, not a monologue. It includes story circles in public spaces and private homes across the U.S., and a collaborative Poetic Address to the Nation, performed live and shared via livestream

THE USDAC IS A NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK of artists and cultural workers mobilizing creativity for social justice. Organizing both locally and nationally, the USDAC exists to spark a grassroots, creative change movement, engaging millions in envisioning and enacting a world rooted in empathy, equity, and social imagination. The USDAC is not a government agency.

Together, We Create.

usdac.us | hello@usdac.us


Saturday Feb.20th 7:30 -9pm LIVE from the Painted Bride to channel & web!


PhillyCAM Sessions presents Electricity

Philadelphia Jazz Project, Turtle Studios and PhillyCAM present a diverse collection of performances by Philadelphia musicians who demonstrate their unique interpretations of the term ‘Electricity.’

Sundays at 7pm in February & March


Electricity 1: Ernest Stuart 

Electricity 2:  Maxfield Gast

Electricity 3: Ronnie Burrage Band

Electricity 4: Jake Kelberman 

Electricity 5: Charles Ellerbee & Michael Ray 

Electricity 6: Ross Bellenoit 

Electricity 7: Charlie Patierno tribute To Vijay Mohan and Vocalist Showcase:

          ⁃    Parris Love
          ⁃    Alexis Simmons
          ⁃    Kevin Valentine 
          ⁃    Lee Mo    

Electricity 8: Series Highlights