September 2015

Women Talk Live

A women’s talk show that covers social, politcal, lifestyle and relationship issues .
Hosted by April J., Sassy Scribe, Kenda B. and K-Elle Boogie.

Produced by Jarrett Miles

Fridays at 10:30am

Immigrant Integration Through Culture

Mayor's Office of Immigration & Multicultural Affairs Roundtable (MOIMA)

 with members of the Mexican, Indonesian and Liberian community about the role of sharing cultural traditions as a form of integration and cross cultural understanding.

Thursdays at noon in October


Guerrilla PaperTiger Show: PhillyCAM Takes on the Pope

Hands on Production Workshop with DeeDee Halleck, Media Activist & Founder of Paper Tiger TV,  to produce half hour TV show to explore & investigate the conventions of mainstream media through performance, video art, archival material and experimental visual techniques.

Wednesdays at 8pm in October

The Global Troop Town Hall

A project dedicated to providing tips, tricks and field-texted expertise to Scouts, Troops and Leaders.  In today’s show, Coach Scott talks with cycling expert Donny Lazo about bicycles, gear, and where to find trails.  Then, the conversation continues with Scout Master and Merit Badge Counselor, Steve Nieman about the ins and outs of the cycling merit badge.

Produced by Scott Newman

Tuesdays at 5pm in October

VAST: Fight The Power

Making Media to Engage Communities & Shift Political Narratives Philadelphia is filled with a wealth of community organizers, educators, and media makers who are dedicated to telling stories and leading actions that challenge and dismantle hegemonic narratives perpetuated by mainstream media. Visual Anthropology Society Panel discussion at Temple University. Presenters  sharing work samples and give insight to the ways in which they have engaged communities to make media and shift oppressive political narratives that exist in Philadelphia and throughout the
Moderator : Antoine Haywood
Helyx Chase
Donnell Regusters
Nuala Cabral

Mondays at 12:30pm in October


Oneness: A Black Catholic's Journey

There are over 3 million Black Catholics in the USA, an important and vital aspect of the Black community. This documentary shows the richness and variety that exists through photographs and interviews.

By Bea Joyner

Sundays at 3:30pm

The Butcher of Avenue A

An improvisational parody of an illegal abortion clinic, performed in an abandoned building by actors from the Living Theatre for the New City in NY 1992

By Exavier Wardlaw

Saturdays at 12:30am in October

Dick Gregory: Truth

Comedian/Activist/Author DICK GREGORY shares his thoughts on Black Film, Religion, Racism + exposing lies in this Reelblack TV special

By Mike Dennis

Saturdays at 10:30pm in October


Meet North London

This semi auto-biographical story chronicles the peak of a troubled/broken man's plight and journey to conquer his demons and schizophrenia coupled with him mastering his faith. 

By Sterling Bazell Jones

Saturdays at 10pm in October 

PhillyCAM Challenge

This is a youth game show where teens test their skills and abilities through fin activites and media challenges.

Summer 2015 PhillyCAM youth media interns learned various production and digital literacy skills by exploring the world of public access television. "PhillyCAM Challenge" was created because the youth  interns felt their weren't many game shows that featured teens as the main contestants. The youth media interns spent several weeks planning,creating, and editing their game show with the hopes that other teens would watch and enjoy!

Fridays at 3:30pm in October

Anniversary celebration Friday Oct 23rd with Radio on TV !

Save the Date, October 23rd, 2015.  PhillyCAM will be hosting our 6 year anniversary celebration with live performances, music, comedy, podcasts and more.  We will also be launching PhillyCAM's online radio station and radio production suite. 

5-8pm Friday Oct.23

Bongo Boy Tv

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Presents Indie Music Videos From Around The World. 

Presented by Elena Brokus

Wednesdays at 10pm


Magical Moments with Muffin

Variety talk show featuring interviews, craft tutorials, discussions, educational segments and more.  A platform for the community, with a focus on improving neighborhoods

Produced by Author Muffin

Mondays at 5pm

Cooking With Kefi

A light hearted fun cooking show with  local celebrity chef George Krytatas cooking with other celeb chefs to illustrate how cooking can be fun and easy. There is no one too young or too old to cook. Chef Krytatas explores many types of foods.

by Antoine Johnson

Sundays at 4:30pm


Promotes, encourages and celebrates recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism through the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and empowers Christian addiction ministries world wide

Produced by Warren Davis

Sundays at 1pm

Encourage Sports Network

Stressing the importance of education and good behavior all packed in to an awesome youth sports show

Produced by Troy Barton

Sundays at 8am

The Philadelphia Jazz Project Presents: Boo2!

Get down with frightful funky jams performed by costumed Philadelphia musicians Steve Tirpak, Laurin Talese, Chartel Findlater, Anwar Marshall, Korey Riker, Josh Lawrence, Eric Wortham. 

Sundays at 7:30 in October