August 2016

Programming Spotlight: September 2016

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Blackstar FilmFest 2016

A Conversation on Black Aesthetics
BlackStar Film Fest & ICA co-present a conversation with Filmmaker/Scholar John L. Jackson, Jr and legendary Director/Professor Haile Gerima on politics, love, black aesthetics, philosophy, self-definition and depictions of the black body in cinema.

Mondays at 1pm in September  


Indie Narrative Producing Spotlight
Directors Matthew Cherry (9 Rides) and Anisia Uzeyman (Dreamstates) discuss using the iPhone 6 to shoot narrative feature films & explore its impact on their budget, visual style, actors & overall production experience.

Wednesdays at 9am in September

Indie Narrative Producing Spotlight

Matthew Keene Smith, independent filmmaker  & 3 of his directors: Heidi Saman (Namour), Matthew Cherry (9 Rides) & Neil Drumming (Big Words) discuss the intricacies of their productions, maximizing resources &  best practices.

Thursdays at 9am in September

Produced with: PhillyCAM

A first of it's kind all day, hip hop, DJ and CosPlay conference. Features DJ-CON with 76 DJ's taking the turn tables, Rapathon, a non stop rap battle plus panel discussions and an old school hip hop concert.

Panel 1:
"Breath Control" Beat Boxing Panel
with moderator Toni Blackman, and guests Donta Diesel , Bahamadia, Paris “Parry P” Ellis , D-Cross 


Panel 2:
The Politics & Economics of Comics
With moderator Yumy Odom, and guests Danny Simmons, Akinseye Brown, André LeRoy Davis, Dr. Sheena Howard


Panel 3:
Beginning In CosPlay/Cos-Positivity Panel
With Jamila Howard, Lady J Cosplay, Jonathan Bowles, AnubisRex, Romance Whitney, Captain Kacela Universal Ranger


Panel 4: Impact of Philly on Hip Hop Panel
With moderator Jos Duncan, and guests Bahamadia, Emcee, Grand Dragon KD, DJ Raphael Xavier, Breaker/Emcee

Produced with: PhillyCAM
Tuesdays at 2:30pm in September
Philly Music Hall of Fame
 Philly Music Hall of Fame Tribute

Features an introduction to the Philadelphia Music Hall of Fame by PMHOF President George Pettignano and Mainline Televisions John Ricciutti and The PMHOF.

Produced by: Character Driven Films
Thursdays at 2:30pm in September
Out and About
Out & About

A two part series that shows the importance of Irish Weekend and Notre Dame Football to the Philadelphia Irish Culture.

Produced by: Character Driven Films
Thursdays 3:00pm in September
Allied Media Conference 2016

Media Action Grassroots Network at AMC 2016 in Detroit: Updates by MAG-Net  on media justice work throughout the country representing a cross-section of communities of color, poor and working to build a progressive social movement with power to transform.

Produced with PhillyCAM
Fridays at 11am in September
People Powered Struggle
People Powered Struggle

Students from all over Phila. join together to create a TV show about issues they feel are important to their communities. People Powered Struggle focuses on teen issues in the digital age as well as the racial discourse that has swept the airwaves.

Produced by: PhillyCAM Youth
Fridays at 5:30pm in September
W. Philly Welcomes the Summit
West Philly Welcomes the Summit

Lancaster Ave 21st Century Business Assoc kicked off Lancaster Ave Day with a special welcome for the new Summit Building to W. Philly. PCAM interns cover the event attended by elected officials, local business owners & community developers.

Produced by: PhillyCAM Interns
Fridays at 5:45pm in September
Whose Death Will It Take
Whose Death Will It Take

Poem with photos addressing the gun control issue.

Produced by: Bea Joyner
Fridays at 5:55pm in September
Beauty: To Be Determined
 Beauty: To Be Determined

A verite documentary that poses a series of questions to aspiring actors in Phila about beauty. What it means, how it is manifested and how they personally define themselves as beautiful will all be organically articulated. 

Produced by: Troy Jackson
Saturdays at 2:30pm in September
Who Wants To Star In A Movie?
Who Wants To Star In A Movie.

A new talent competition show, where actors perform 60-90 seconds of their best monologue in front of judges for a chance to star in a Short Movie. Created By: AT SoundZ.

Produced by: Anis Taylor
Sundays at 4pm in September
HoodX TV
HoodX TV

Voted #1 for new and exclusive Hip Hop and R&B!  You can submit your own video at

Produced by: Alfonzo Malik Thomas
Wednesdays at 12:30am
La Vie dans la Cite
La Vie dans la Cite

Life in the City is to share the story of Haitians in Pennsylvania, particularly Philadelphia, and allow others to discover the Haitian culture and related aspects of our lives.

Produced by: Emmanuel Polection
Wednesdays at 6:30am
MainLineTV Presents
MainLineTV Presents

Art and Culture along the Main Line, in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Produced by: Jill Frechie
Wednesdays at 2pm
Teatime with Seleste
Teatime with Seleste

TV talk show that establishes relations with our surrounding culture and community by informing our audiences with valid information to the public and display extraordinary artistry of various artists, designers, politicians, doctors, radio personalities and Moguls! 

Produced by: Sybil White and Andrew Nelson
Wednesdays at 7pm
Melodic Confessions
Melodic Confessions

A Contemporary Funk, R&B, Hip Hop and Soul Series featuring Independent Artist videos and live performances, celebrity guest and entertaining interviews with  emphasis on Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York talent.

Produced by: Jarrett Miles
Thursdays at 7:30pm
Making the Barber
Making the Barber

A Barber reality show.

Produced by: Prentice Boone
Sundays at 6pm