November 2020

TV Programming Spotlight: December 2020

Here's what's new on PhillyCAM.
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People Power Lunch Hour
People Power Lunch Hour

TV & Radio discussion featuring local community voices who inform, analyze & debate current events & promote civic engagement.

With Free Press Media Reparations Project LIVE December 9th
Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
New episode

Interviews with activist River Eno, and psychotherapist Harriet Fraad explore the ways in which human society is psychologically disconnected from animals, the natural world and other humans.

Produced by John Campbell
Saturdays at 2:45 PM in December
Connecting During Crisis
Connecting During Crisis

Casual conversations online amongst creative collaborators during pandemic, telling stories and planning projects with guests.

Produced by Joseph Luciano
Saturdays at 3:00 PM in December
The New Healer
The New Healer

COVID-19 Edition, a set of online interviews that explores the stories of Black women & femme wellness practitioners and how they survive and thrive during a global pandemic.

Janessa shares her thoughts on how the start of the global pandemic connects to their work as healers in the wellness field with Host Adrienne Dolberry.

Produced by Adrienne Dolberry
Saturdays at 3:30pm in December
Keys Productions Presents
Keys Productions Presents

3 Films:

When the beat stops-. loosely based on the book entitled. ‘Tadpoles’ by Curtis Mullen. Four childhood friends encounter life obstacles that bring them back together after years of conflict. 

Stranger in my bed - a thriller . Eva has a checkered past that catches up to her. Eva tries to hide her life and just when she thought she had it all, she met her match. 

Love Happens AGAIN - sequel from the short film Love happens. Kenny, Tracey, Monique and Brian decide to go on a therapeutic trip together and find out why destiny meets disaster. 

Written & Deirected by Tee Tunnell Harris
Saturdays at 8:00 PM in December

Screening & Discussion

Short film about A man with no memories awakens in the unknown and sets on a journey to discover the truth. Along his journey, he begins to realize that some doors are better left closed.

Followed by Q & A with The Five Sands filmmakers

Produced by Steven Elijah Primero
With Roland Boyden
Premiering Saturday December 19th at 10:00 PM
(repeating the following week at the same time)
Ask Islam
Ask Islam

Audience sends in questions  and a panel of Muslim missionaries from across the USA answer them from an Islamic perspective - first episode  on 'Mega Rich vs Underclass' and impending war

Produced by Abdullah Dibba
With Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Sundays at 6:00 AM
New Series
Mr. Y Not

Tony ‘Tone’ Royster (aka Mr. Y Not) & Positive Movement Entertainment (aka the Philly Elmo drum line) oozes charisma and positivity. PME’s goal is to inspire young people to express themselves through drumming, as a means to decrease gun violence.

Cinematography by Austin Smock
Original Music: Eric Carbonara at Nada Sound Studio & Positive Movement Entertainment


Directed and Edited by Tim Harris
Sundays at 4:00 PM in December
Positive Movements
Positive Movements

Hego, Australian mural artist in two neighborhoods in Philadelphia & Baltimore : Strawberry Mansion & East Baltimore.

Amplifies the positive messages of the Positive Movement Drill Team & Wheelie Wayne of The 12 O'Clock Boys fame
Put down the guns, pick up some drums. Put down a gun, pick up a bike.


Produced by HEGO & Matthew Thorne
Sundays at 4:10 PM in December
The High Note
The High Note

Global Convening

An uplifting, welcoming place for hope, healing, & community in the midst of change & an invitation to envision a more peaceful world with meditation, poetry, song & guidance

Features acclaimed poet Ursula Rucker; comedienne, and coach Jennifer Blaine; writer and grief coach Naila Francis.

Produced and Hosted by cabaret singer Karen Gross
Sundays at 5:00 PM in December
Morning on the Wissahiccon
Morning on the Wissahiccon

Combines the beauty of today's Wissahickon, with the hint of a story influenced by the writings of the master of mystery & horror himself as a tribute to Poe's essay praising the waterway

 In Poe's own words..."Now the Wissahiccon is of so remarkable a loveliness that, were it flowing in England, it would be the theme of every bard, and the common topic of every tongue..."

Produced by Bob Finkelstein
with Bibigul Zhanysbayeva
Sundays at 5:40 PM in December