May 2012

Talkadelphia - The Future of iOS Games

Talkadephia host Gino Barrica Kishwer Vikaas with guests Jeff Hsu and Yis Goodwin

Talkadelphia: podcast hosts Gino Barrica and Kishwer Vikaas join Yis Goodwin and Jeff Hsu of the iOS game Catball Eats It All and Cipher Prime, a Philadelphia-based game studio for a lively conversation about the next phase in iOS gaming.

This popular local podcast takes to airwaves in a new medium with a live studio audience in the new studio of PhillyCAM and was recorded live and streamed direct from the event. Now you can see it on TV.
Saturdays in June at 8 PM

Focus on Fitness

Focus on Fitness

The Hansberry Garden series focuses on how one can grow their own fruits and vegetables by joining a garden club in their own community, as does the Hansberry Garden group in Germantown.
In the chiropractic series, the focus is on what is a chiropractic, how does the chiropractor treat folks with body injuries, and how one can avoid certain types of fitness injuries?
Produced by Community Enrichment Fitness Network
Fridays at 10:00 am , Saturdays at 7am , Sundays at 6:00 pm

Media Mobilizing Project presents MMPTV

Media Mobilizing Project TV

News stories and analysis from the movement to end poverty in Philadelphia and beyond. We tell the stories of people uniting across struggles to Put People First.
In these MMPTV updates, you'll hear from school bus drivers, mechanics, and custodians who are standing up for their communities and for the students at their schools to fight back against a proposal to layoff 2,700 school district workers. You'll also see a courageous demonstration in defense of Human Rights, led by the Dream Activists of PA and other immigrant youth leaders. And finally you'll learn about Governor Corbett's proposal to eliminate the statewide General Assistance Program, which is the last remaining safety net for 65,000 Pennsylvanians. You'll get the real story of why Pennsylvanians can't afford to lose General Assistance.
Produced by Media Mobilizing Project
Tuesday at 7pm and repeats Sunday at 11am

Optical Toys - Beyond Control

Optical Toys - Beyond Control

Optical Toys -- Beyond Control, showcases four live-action and animated short films: The Orange, Parking Garage, Gumbo, and Chasin' Jason. In each film characters confront issues and forces 'beyond their control'. From the metaphysical, to fighting authority, revenge and the concept of existence are all explored and confronted.
Optical Toys is created and produced by Lowell Boston.
Mondays at 9:30pm Repeats Sundays at 6:30pm

Remember O Goddess

Remember O Goddess

Film Noir adventure and love directed by Yoon Jung Lee
From the Philadelphia Asian American Film Fest
Fridays in June at 8:00

Princess Horror

Princess Horror

Tales of horror, fantasy, scifi, and thriller. Hosted by Princess Horror.
Produced by Fel Angel
Fridays at 11:30pm

The Hype

The Hype's Tiffany Bacon

A talk/magazine show about young women and issues that affect them.
Produced by Tiffany Bacon
Thursdays at 6pm

Ladies and Gentleman, Jordan Rock

Jordan Rock

A glimpse into the world of 20 year old stand-up comedian Jordan Rock. Following in the footsteps of his older brothers Chris and Tony (and Cousin Sherrod) is the ultimate challenge. Can he find his voice and make a name for himself on the New York comedy scene?
Produced, directed and edited by Michael Dennis
Fridays in June at 7:30 PM

Philly Youth Radio presents Teen Sanctuaries

Philly Youth Radio presents Teen Sanctuaries

Philly Youth Radio presents Teen Sanctuaries, a showcase, discussion & celebration Produced in the PhillyCAM Studio: Philly Youth Radio presents "Teen Sanctuaries," a showcase and discussion of youth-produced audio/visual stories that examine the safe places we need to recharge and fight to protect. Featuring Nyseem Smith, Thien To, Cavhanah Baht T'om, Shayla Torres, Yowei Shaw, and Beth Patel.

Philly Youth Radio provides young Philadelphians with the tools and training to produce their own radio stories - and the opportunity to share them on a larger stage.
Fridays in June at 7pm

The Dumpsta Players Present Church of The Poisoned Mind

Dumpsta Players

When Mrs. Miller gets a frantic call from her lesbian granddaughter, Mona Miller, she rushes off to Memphis to confront the Westbore-o Baptist Church! Fred Flips and his Family of ferocious freaks are threatening to firebomb Mona's cucumber farm after Flips makes an irrational accusation of Mona's running an Abortionplex!

Star FUX TV News correspondent, Lisa Jones, reports at the protest and gets thrust into the melee herself! Can Mrs. Miller and the Memphis Gay Alliance's choruses of Beatles tunes drown out the Bible thumpers? Can Manhattan psychoanalyst Dr. Judy Newman shrink Fred's head? Make some new protest signs, study up on your Bible quotes, but don't miss-
Produced by DP Arts Consortium
Friday and Sunday at 11pm