February 2014

Last Hours: Climate Change

Underground, underwater and below the ice. A time bomb is ticking. Scientists are seeing the evidence. Runaway climate change could be closer than we think.
A science-based climate scenario where a tipping point to runaway climate change is triggered by massive releases of frozen methane.   Written by Thom Hartmann, Sam Sacks, and Leila Conners.  Produced by Tree Media Foundation
Sundays in March & April at 2:20pm

100-Second Film Festival

This compilation of the 2013 festival revolves around a simple concept:  Create, watch, and share videos that are 100 seconds or less in duration.
Produced by Easton Community Access Television
Saturdays in March & April at 5pm 

Bammy’s Dad

Short film by Marc Dickerson about father & son. Bammy is inducted into the tried and true realm of adulthood when he helps his father  “dig a hole” 

Saturdays in March & April at 8:20pm

The D: Detroit Deaf Education

                                                                              A deeper look into the Detroit education system reveals systematic neglect of Deaf students. This film delves into the words of the students and their parents and their teachers.
By  Facundo Element
Fridays in March & April at 6pm

Phillycam LIVE Highlights

Highlights reel from our day of live programming, in celebration of 4 years of public access television in Philadelphia.

PhillyCAM producers were invited to the Express Studio to showcase their work


Fridays in March & April at 8:00pm

Talk Fuzion

A vibrant talk show that offers a melting pot of info: arts & entertainment, beauty & fashion, faith & inspiration, health & wellness, love & relationships, business & finance, technology, sports & recreation, current events & politics. Produced by Autumn Simmons
Wednesdays at 1:30pm

5 on the Go

Four new episodes featuring Ursula Rucker, Rich Medina, the Erotic Literary Salon, Jeff Bradshaw & the Tatoo Convention
Produced by Jere Edmunds
Thursdays in March at 10pm

Go Philly Service: The Land Bank

Signed by the City of Phila January, 2014, The Land Bank represents a significant step in transforming vacant properties into productive sites for active use.
Moderated by
Beth McConnell of Phila. Assoc. Community Dev. Corps
Featuring: Thomas Earle of Liberty Resources,  Jill Feldstein of Women's Community Revitalization Project & Majeedah Rashid of Nicetown CDC
Wednesdays at 8pm

Artist Talk: Brian Cote

Journalist, A.M. Weaver interviews Painter, Brian Cote about his exhibit at the House Gallery in Fishtown.
Produced by Jim Brossy
Tuesdays in March at 5pm

Monologue 1

An original monologue about a young woman's perspective on relationships
by Eboni Zamani
Tuesdays in March at 5:30pm