March 2014

Go Philly Service LIVE: Net Neutrality is Dead… For Now

Net Neutrality may have been pronounced dead but there is still hope that the FCC can resuscitate it by correcting it's past mistakes. Learn about what steps could be taken to make broadband networks open, accessible, reliable and affordable for everyone. This roundtable discussion will engage local and national experts in a conversation about Net Neutrality and Internet access as it impacts users, small businesses and Internet activists in Philadelphia and throughout the country. Produced with support from Philly
This event will be taped with a live studio audience and streamed at: 
Guests include:
Hannah Sassaman, Media Mobilizing Project
Brigitte F. Daniel,  Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc.
Steve Renderos, Center for Media Jusitce
Moderated by Vanessa Graber

Go Philly Service is focused on discussing current social and political issues in Philadelphia. GPS highlights the work of PhillyCAM members as leaders in civic dialogue on a range of topics that have local and national impact.  
Wednesday  April  9 LIVE! & repeating every Wednesday in April at 8pm


Are You Feeling Me?

Talk show for healing of the heart using the bible. Each panel is given a topic to speak their mind about.

Produced by Carol Sloan
Tuesdays at 11am

Equality & Justice NOW

Sponsored by the Pennsylvania State Chapter of the National organization for Women (NOW) examines the news and issues relevant to women. The topic of the first episode is Second Wave Feminism

Tuesdays at 1pm

What’s Your Point of View?

A show that focuses on the activities and the points of view of the community. This is reflected in interviews with local community members and video recordings of activities

Produced by Lamaire Johnson

Wednesdays at 9:30pm