May 2014

An American Deception

Addresses omitted facts of the original dark skinned inhabitants of south-eastern United States; a history that up until now has been excluded.  

Produced by InDeed 

Wednesdays at 1pm

Talk the Talk



Urban talk show featuring young hosts that casually discuss current events and lifestyle topics.

Produced by Letitia Crippen & Charles Gregory

Mondays at 9:30pm

The Buzz Klub

Pioneering newage talk show where creative individuals are highlighted and no subject is taboo

Produced by Bintu Kabba

Tuesdays at 9:30pm

NRG Music Moments

Featuring SunnStarr and The Nu School of NRG.

Produced and edited by Poetica Media

Tuesdays at 5:30pm in June

Collaborative Filmmaking: While We Wait & Food Heritage

Two short videos produced as part of the Collaborative Filmmaking project-based workshop, encouraging members to work together to produce short films using the field production equipment:


While We Wait

An intimate discussion with founder, Rev. Rhetta Morgan, about the purpose for the project as a supportive, healing  forum for those with incarcerated loved ones to express themselves creatively.

Produced by Darrel Cuff, Loretta Gary & Julia Wilkinson

Learn more at


Food Heritage

The story of a new Afterschool Program located at The Philadelphia Praise Center through an interview with  the Founder, Aldo Saihaan.

Produced by Doris Thomas & Metrini Geopani.


Saturdays at 12:00pm in June

Tenor Madness Pop Up Concert at Reading Terminal

The Philadelphia Jazz Project surprised the Reading Terminal lunch crowd with a pop up concert of Tenor Madness in April.
Featuring: Korey Riker,  Elliott Levin , Sam Reed , Yessay Ali , Tim Price - tenor sax ,  Gilberto Cruz - baritone-sax. Percussion: Robert Kenyatta - djembe/congas, Alan Nelson - hihats & snare

Sundays at 12:00pm in June