November 2014

Armour of God

Discuss the power of God, worship, praise, the Word 

By Pastor Matthew Martin

Sundays at  1am

TLC conference: Bring IT Home

Technology Learning Collaborative presents panels focusing on every day uses of technology, as related to digital literacy, best practices and lessons learned in approaching these areas within an educational setting

Fridays at 1pm in December

Leadership 101 with Councilwoman BRB

Leadership and development program for Philly’s next generation of Women leaders with Blondell Reynolds Brown

Tuesdays at 1pm


01:  “Dress for Success: Corporate Fashion Show”– This session will focus on appropriate and affordable business attire. It will discuss the importance of professional appearance and how it is vital for a successful career. The goal of this session is to assist young professionals in improving their corporate attire. 

02: “Positive Confrontation at Work and Beyond”– This session will focus on improving participant’s ability to confront others in a positive, effective and dignified manner. It will discuss communication, body language and tone to having a positive and effective confrontation. The goal of this session is that all participants have an understanding that confrontation is an essential tool “at Work and Beyond.” 

03: “Strategic Volunteering for Career Success”- Strategic volunteering incorporates one’s development goals while expanding one’s network and skill sets. This session will focus on different ways participants can volunteer and how it will help with their career development. The goal of this session is to stress the importance of strategic volunteering and how it can positively affect one’s future career. 

04: “Negotiating Salary: Tactics for Better Compensation”– This session will focus on different strategies of negotiating, through competing, compromising, and accommodating. It will discuss successful ways for negotiating higher salaries, job titles, and benefits. The goal of this session is to learn how to be a successful negotiator in the work force. 

05: “Soft Skills in the Workplace.” This session will focus on improving leadership skills, communication, public-speaking and self-confidence. The goal of this session is to improve participant’s soft skills to their full potential.

06: “Legal Eagle: Enforcing Your Rights at Work" Important legal rights aspects of employment and key areas where employees and workers are frequently exploited are addressed. The goal of this session is that participants know their basic rights at the workplace.



Live Culture Cabaret

In celebration of PhillyCAM's 5th Anniversary - Freedom of Expression in Arts & Culture hosted by Julia Lopez with guest artists selected by PhillyCAM member producers

Saturdays at 11pm in December


Welcome Back

The story of 3 brothers whose bond was broken after the loss of theor Mom. Does time really heal all wounds?

by William Thomas

Fridays at 8:20pm in December

Operating Outside the Lines

Scribe Community Visions Project exploring the history of Brandywine Workshop’s 40 years of printmaking and other visual art, including testimonials from artists. Founded in 1972 by Allan Edmunds, Brandywine is a national center for printmaking with an international following.

by Jere Edmunds

Fridays at 8pm in December

Soap Box Lunch

In celebration of PhillyCAM's 5th anniversary & Freedom of Speech Week

hosted by Albert Lee

Thursdays at noon in December

Dave Branca Showcase

A variety of shows that are different each time with new talent such as musicians, singers, dancers, talk, interviews, comedy, exposes, conspiracy theories, modeling

Mondays at 11:30pm

Conflict Management in Programs

How to make conflict between participants and staff in rehabilitation programs

By Fred Barber

Mondays at 12:30pm in December

Dinner with ME

Healthy Living Healthy Eating with Hosts, Metrini and Edward
Featuring creative people in their homes, studios, and kitchens
sharing stories and values from different cultures from kitchen to the table

By Metrini Simatupang

Sundays at 6:30pm

Creative Philadelphia’s Arts Townhall

Keynote presentation, "Cultural Ecology, Neighborhood Vitality and Social Wellbeing: A Philadelphia Project," from Susan Seifert and Mark J. Stern of the Social Impact of the Arts Project (SIAP) at the University of Pennsylvania..

A panel of community arts leaders  participate in “Sustaining the Legacy,” a discussion moderated by Chief Cultural Officer Helen Haynes.  


Saturdays at 3pm in December


Panelists include: 

Veronica Castillo-Perez, Pennsylvania Council of the Arts - Consultant

Gayle Isa, Asian Arts Initiative, Founder and Executive Director

Valerie Gay, Art Sanctuary, Executive Director 

Laurel Raczka, Painted Bride Art Center, Executive Director 

Lisa Nelson-Haynes, Painted Bride Art Center, Associate Director

Elizabeth Grimaldi, Fleisher Art Memorial, Executive Director