January 2017

Programming Spotlight: February 2017

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Marijuana: How to Live With It
Marijuana: How to Live with It

A panel discussion about the legal, medical, political and commercial implications of decriminalizing marijuana. With guests:

  1. Robert Rudnitsky…Philly Norml
  2. Dr. Wayne Gibbons
  3. Wendy Palmer, Para Medical , Funeral Director
  4. Reverend Curtis Morris, Chester Pa.
  5. State Representative Curtis Thomas
  6. Cristina Hernandez, Esq., city
  7. Dr. Katherine Galluzzi, PCOM
  8. State Senator Jordan Harris


Produced & Hosted by: Trudy Haynes
Sundays at 4pm in February
March for a Better America
Youth Celebrate MLK Day

MLK Rally 2017

From the slave quarters on Ind. Mall to Mother Bethel AME Church, POWER’s 21st Cent. Declaration of Rights calls on politicians, community leaders & citizens to support affordable housing, health care &  quality public education for all



Youth Celebrate MLK Day!
PCAM Youth members discuss their hopes, dreams & fears for the future through moving portraits in this thoughtful video.featuring  excerpts from speeches ;given by Dr. Marin Luther King & footage from the Selma to Montgomery March in 1965

Produced with PhillyCAM
Mondays at 1pm in February
Next City: Phila in Flux
Next City

Explore changing communities with productive dialogue among neighborhood residents, community leaders and public officials through long form journalism

Civic Infrastructure for a Changing City features keynote with Omar Woodward

Produced with PhillyCAM
Tuesdays at 2pm in February
Ratchet2: Sambo Got a Gun
Ratchet2: Sambo Got a Gun

A Young Man finds a gun and a new world of possibilities presents itself

Produced by: Exavier Wardlaw
Wednesdays at 12:30am in February
Courage for Racial Justice
Chris Crass

In the Trump Era

Chris Crass author of Towards the “Other America”: Anti-Racist Resources for White People Taking Action for Black Lives Matter exploring how we can all rise for racial justice & work for collective liberation in these times


Presented by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Showing Up for Racial Justice - Philly
Produced with PhillyCAM
Fridays at 1pm in February
Flicks & Tones
Flicks & Tones

Six concert videos by Dreanboxmedia: In One Ear, Out the Other

Sticks and Tones, Nostalgia for the Future, Like Up in the Sky, The Fellini’s Mutual, How About This?

An extended-length music video for Philadelphia Jazz, history, geography, political, cosmology and classic film fans.   

Produced by Jim Miller
Saturdays at 1:30pm
Lord I Prayed
Lord I Prayed

A soldier returns to his family blind with PTSD, refuses help with his flashback episodes. He has denounced his faith, placed his family in fear. His young daughter is the families spiritual glue.

Produced by Dale Gordon
Saturdays at 10pm in February