July 2017

TV Programming Spotlight: August 2017

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Focus on Fitness

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Community Enrichment Fitness Network & focusing on  current nutrition awareness 

Produced by CEFN
Fridays at 10am
New Episodes
Re-Entry Point of View
Re-Entry Point of View

A program for Re Entry education, resources and job training.

Produced by Jonathan Wrenn
Fridays at 3pm
New Series
Live Culture replay: De-Coded
Live Culture

Art + Tech for Social Change

PhillyCAM's monthly arts showcase features a rotating line up of presenting organizations & dynamic performance 

Produced by PhillyCAM
Hosted by Leeway Foundation
Fridays at 7pm in August
What if it were you ! PSA
What if it were you?

There is a profound void in people’s values, and subsequently, drug dealers self deception with regard to selling drugs to anyone, but "someone they love"; The resulting behavior reveals a dramatic paradox for everyone to think through

Produced by Ricardo Rose
Saturdays at 12:30pm in August
Reentry Summit
Re-Entry summit

The Beyond the Walls: Prison Healthcare and Reentry Summit brings together the communities that are affected by the parallel crises of HIV and mass imprisonment

Produced with PhillyCAM
Presented by Philadelphia Fight
Saturdays at 5:55pm in August
Americas Most Wanted:
BuzzKlub Special

The Black Male Endangered 

Panel of guests & studio audience of millennials discussing the epidemic of the endangered Black Male in America & how we can address their needs to improve their quality of living in our society today.

Produced & Hosted by Bintu Kabba of The Buzzklub
Saturdays at 6:00pm in August
Dedication of Memorial to Loss
Dedication of the Memorial to Loss

A community memorial organized by Reconstruction Inc. developed by Philadelphia Assembled to create hope for those who have experienced deep loss due to mass incarceration. 


Produced with PhillyCAM
Saturdays at 6:55pm in August
Unexpected Donors
Unexpected Donors

Imagine you could talk about the events leading up to your death before your final transition. How would you feel & what would you say? These unfortunate individuals had this opportunity.
Listen & look without prejudice to their stories.

Produced by Troy Jackson
Saturdays at 7:15pm in August
Love & Men
Love Now

Hosted by Gregory Corbin, this "The View" style studio television broadcast features some of Philadelphia's most impactful men talking hot topics in love, dating, male vulnerability, marriage, and society.

Produced by Jos Duncan
Presented at PhillyCAM
Sundays at 4pm in August
Bringing Saxy Back
Bringing Saxy Back

Wilmington, Delaware based jazz sensation Anlyajazz performs 2 amazing originals from there soundtrack "Free Spirit".  

Produced by Tim Millaway
Sundays at 11:30pm in August
Policy Post: “The City Budget"
Policy Post

Goes in depth to discuss relevant issues that deals with politics, bills and legislation in Philadelphia and in City Council. Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. makes the hard issues easy to discuss and understood.

Produced by Walter Wimberly
Mondays at 8:30am
New episode
Global Action Project

GAP works with young people most affected by injustice to build the knowledge, tools, and relationships needed to create media for community power, cultural expression, and political change.

Topics: Racial Justice, Prison and Policing, Gender Justice, Educational Justice, Immigrant Justice, LGBTQ, Health, Housing

A Community Media in Action Production
Tuesdays at 5:30pm in August
Rising Stars
Rising Stars

After the tragic death of his close friend, Tamir Green talks about how he overcame the odds to become one of the best high school basketball players in Philly. His story has become an inspiration throughout the entire city!

Produced by Sterling Bazzell & Alex Sharpe
Saturdays at 7pm in August