September 2017

TV Programming Spotlight: October 2017

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Special LIVE shows in October!
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Cammys Community Recognition Awards Ceremony

Friday Oct.20 at 8pm

Produced by PhillyCAM



Who Wants to Star in a Movie?

2017 Finale. Actors perform their best monologue in front of judges for a chance to star in a movie. Finalist: Abdul Sesay, Michael Young, Moyae Freespirit, and Marc Holladay. Created By AT SoundZ

Saturday Oct. 7 at 1:30pm

Produced by Anis Taylor


Genealogy Quick Start - How Philly Are You? 

This special episode explores what it means to be “Philly”. Whether by nurture or nature, being Philly is unique. We will probe Philly-isms and interesting online collections documenting Philadelphia families.

Wednesday Oct. 4 at 6pm

Produced by Shamele Jordon
Overnight Featured Series
Earth from Moon

Marathon 2am - 6am

(in addition to regular timeslot)  

Sundays : The Trudy Haynes Show (regular timeslot Wed 7:30pm)

Mondays : The Job Man Caravan (regular timeslot Tuesdays 7:30pm)

Tuesdays : Main Line Arts TV (regular timeslot Wednesdays 2:00pm)

Wednesdays : Brodian's Basement (regular timeslot Mondays 10:00pm)

Thursdays : Talking the Walk (regular timeslot Saturdays 9:30am)

Fridays : Conversations Across Time (regular timeslot Tuesdays 9:30pm)

Saturdays : Salt…Pepper & Memories (regular timeslot Wednesdays 6:30pm)


Produced by PhillyCAM Members
2am – 6am in October
Delaware Valley Original Music
Delaware Valley Original Music Showcase

Showcase of local original musicians in the Delaware Valley

Produced by Chuck Old
Tuesdays at 6pm
New Series
ManUp StandUp 215
ManUp  StandUp 215

Designed to minister, motivate & empower men, women & marriages. Encounter a biblical journey through song, testimonies & foundational principals with Dr. S. Todd and Minister IZ-Real.

Produced by Alvin Motley
Saturdays at 9am
New Series
Birth of Black Film
Birth of Black Film

The birth and history of black films from 1900’s to 1950’s

Produced by Walter Wimberly
Saturdays 2:30pm in October
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason

Cover Me Initiative 

An exploration of the impact of homelessness  including interviews with members of the homeless community & the general public’s response  to better understand lifestyles & perspectives for public awareness on behalf of human welfare.

Produced by Karen Walker
Saturdays 3:40 pm in October
Youth Fostering Change
Youth Fostering Change

A Juvenile Law Center youth advocacy program led by young people with involvement in the child welfare system, partnered with PhillyCam to create an educational video about the rights of foster youth in court.

Produced with PhillyCAM
Saturdays 3:58pm in October
Optical Toys
Optical Toys

Escape. Animation and live-action short films touch on the topic of escape,

whether from our mundane everyday life, through time, other dimensions, or to escape the deadly intentions of a  jaded homeowner, enjoy.

Created by Lowell Boston
Saturdays at 6pm
New episode
Fix It
Fix It

A journey to find a solution to the dysfunctional US healthcare system.
Richard Master of MCS Industries tackles the Healthcare problem using best business practices, in-depth analysis, the right diagnosis & determining the fix

By Vincent Mondillo & Richard Master
Presented by Stewart Brodian
Saturdays 7:30pm in October
Bizzarro Bill presents
Bizzarro Bill presents

The Soul Speaks

An Improv Dance Performance from the 2017 Fringe Arts Festival. " This is not choreographed, but rather an in the moment Dance Performance.

Produced by Evan Davis
Sundays 10:50am in October
The Performing Songwriter
The Performing Songwriter

Showcases songwriters who perform their own original songs to audiences.

Produced and hosted by Ray Naylor
Sundays at 6pm
New Series