February 2018

TV Programming Spotlight: March 2018


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The Hagir Show
The Hagir Show logo

Host Hagir Elsheikh, an abuse survivor from the Sudan, has dedicated her life to fighting for the oppressed. Topics of discussion are domestic violence, human trafficking, self-defense, bullying & overcoming hardships.

Produced by Marcus Siler
Mondays at 10am
New Series
Church Folks Secrets
Church Folks Secrets

Drama series based on the novels ‘The Things Church People Won't Say, Secrets in the Sanctuary’  and ‘The Secret Lies Within’ about a church full of people who's lives are entangled with each other. 

Written & Produced by Turkessa Tunnell Harris
Mondays at 11:00pm
New Series
Native Grace
Native Grace

As a world traveler, Host Grace Calvelo-Rustia a Filipino-American Citizen, will  showcase exhilarating footage of her homeland &intriguing interviews with people from her cultural experiences in the US and in the Philippines.

Produced by Tee Hunter
Wednesdays at 1pm
New Series
The BFF show
BFF logo

Life Coach Christina C. Harris inspires viewers as she redefines BFF in the area of Business, Faith, and Family. Tune in for wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement.

Produced by Christina Harris
Saturdays at 7:30am
New Series
Refugee Looking for Sanctuary
Refugee Looking for Sanctuary

Carmela Apolonio Hernández & her 4 children fled Mexico to the US  after receiving death threats 2 yrs ago. Unable to attain legal status & facing deportation, with help from  New Sanctuary Movement, they hope to reopen their case  to stay

Produced by David Ortiz Rhoton & Antonio Arroniz
Saturdays at 12:30pm in March
Philly Thrive We Decide
Philly Thrive We Decide

Philadelphia residents are fighting back against the largest oil refinery on the East Coast – and they’re winning.

Produced by Nora Kerrich
Saturdays at 2:30pm in March

Captain Bill Sheehan, founder of Hackensack Riverkeeper. has dedicated his life to protecting the Meadowlands, an ecosystem of NJ wetlands. Long polluted, it is now a unique, industrial landscape that is a haven for birds & wildlife.

Produced by Sara Leavitt
Saturdays at 2:35pm in March
The Aftermath
The Aftermath

A short film based on the lives of three men whose worlds collide in the span of one day. A tale of modern day social injustice.

Produced by Zareefa Abdul-Adl
Saturdays at 2:45pm in March
Eugene Williams: a Tribute
Eugene Williams

“How do you go out and transcend your physical limits, and your mental concepts of what your physical limits are?” As a quadriplegic dancer and performance artist, Eugene defies stigma through protest and contact improvisation dance. 

Produced by Sanford Lewis
Saturdays at 3pm in March
ABA Basketball
ABA Basketball

The Philly Cannons are in their 2nd season in the American Basketball Association.

Produced by Roger Beckwith
Saturdays at 3:15pm in March
Because of the War
Because of the War

In Philadelphia, four brilliant singers – mothers, refugees, immigrants, survivors of Liberia’s civil wars – use their music to address violence and injustice at home in West Africa and in exile here in the U.S.   A document of the power of traditional songs to make meaningful connections & to help re-build communities.

Directed by Toni Shapiro–Phim
Presented by Philadelphia Folklore Project
Saturdays at 8pm in March
Two Films by Dwayne Thomas
The Real

The Real

Day to day we all live our lives best we can.

A man seeks help through therapy, a mother seeks clarity, a wife faces a dangerous reality. In moments alone in silence, away from the mask we show others, this story is the journey through pain.


Philadelphia Conversations

Collection of frank conversations had with the variety and depth that Philadelphia has to offer


Produced by Dwayne Thomas
The Real: Saturdays at 10:30pm in March
Phila. Conversations: Saturdays at 11:45pm in March
Love Isn't Enough
Love Isn't Enough

The story of an interracial couple's marriage being tested by family & societal pressures when they realize that even LOVE may not be enough to save it; but with a child involved the stakes are higher & their issues more amplified.

Produced by Saquan Jones
Presented by Dwayne Thomas
Sundays at 12:50am in March
Two Thirds Films
Two Thirds Films

Showcases the third installment of Finessed a silent skit filmed in southwest Philadelphia. Also featuring music videos from K Ferg, BlumBros, Bruno Brinks and Stack Laden.

Produced by Tyreece Powell
Thursdays at 10pm in March
Overnight Marathon
overnight marathon

Featured series:

Sunday: Genealogy Quickstart (regular timeslot Wednesdays 6:00pm)

Monday: The Chellerina Show  (regular timeslot Sundays 3:00pm)

Tuesday: Like IT IS...Tell It  (regular timeslot Saturdays 5:00pm)

Wednesday: Earnestly Speaking with Ernest Owens (regular timeslot Tuesdays 11:00am)

Thursday: Tea Time With Seleste (regular timeslot Wednesdays 7:00pm)

Friday: People Power Lunch Hour  (regular timeslot Wednesday 12:00pm)

Saturday: The Record Shop  (regular timeslot Sundays 6:00pm)

Produced by PhillyCAM Members
Every day 2am - 6am in March
Sunday Morning Youth Marathon
Youth Marathon

Featured series:

Tiggs & Rudi's Commentary (regular timeslot Thursdays 4:00pm)

By Mother and Daughter Productions
Sundays 9am - 12pm in March