March 2018

TV Programming Spotlight: April 2018

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Phila Jazz Project presents

Mysterious Traveler
Audiences will hear from veteran, as well as up-and-coming musicians  shaping the future sounds of Phila with a sharp ear to the legacies of our past, making these strangers no longer mysterious, but friends and fans'

Veteran & up-and-coming musicians shaping the future sounds of Phila with a sharp ear to the legacies of our past FEATURING


PJP Mysterious Traveler 03

Chris Oatts

Recorded at the Free Library Central Branch, September 19, 2016. Featuring Chris Oatts - alto saxophone, Tim Brey - piano, Justin Sekewleski - bass, Matt Scarano - drums


PJP Mysterious Traveler 04

Jake Kelberman

Recorded at The Free Library Central Branch, Monday, January 23, 2017. Featuring Jake Kelberman - guitar, John Swana - EVI, Tim Brey - piano, Madison Rast - bass, Matt Scarano - drums.  


PJP Mysterious Traveler 05

Matthew Stewart

The Freedman's Bureau Suite written by Matthew Stewart / Performed by Matthew Stewart;
Recorded at the Free Library Central Branch, February 13, 2017. Featuring Matthew Stewart - trumpet, Ron Sutton - alto sax, Dexter Koonce - keyboards, Ehud Guy - bass, Aaron Walker - drums.


PJP Mysterious Traveler 06

Howard Tucker

Recorded at the Free Library Central Branch, March 20, 2017. Featuring Howard Tucker - vocals, Dan Kaplowitz - guitar, Jay Fluellen - piano, Terrence Hall - bass, Kim Pedro Rodriguez - drums, Cleonice Fonseca - dance.


PJP Mysterious Traveler 07

Elijah Thomas

Recorded at the Free Library Central Branch, April 17, 2017. Featuring Elijah Thomas - flutes, soprano sax, Paul Giess - trumpet, flugelhorn, Chris Coyle - bass, Matthew Jernigan: drums;


PJP Mysterious Traveler 08

Ross Bellenoit

Recorded at the Free Library Central Branch, May 22, 2017. Featuring Ross Bellenoit - guitar, Elizabeth Radigonda. - vocals,  Matt Engle - bass, Chuck Staab - drums




PJP Mysterious Traveler 09

Chad Taylor

Recorded at the Free Library Central Branch, October 30th, 2017. Featuring Chad Taylor - Drums, Bobby Zankel - Alto Sax, Dan Blacksberg - Trombone, Matt Engle - bass.


PJP Mysterious Traveler 10

Ben Singer

Recorded at the Free Library Central Branch, November 20th, 2017. Featuring Ben Singer - Drums, Josh Lee - Saxophones - Flute, Elliot Bild - Trumpet, Sam Harris - bass, Silas Irvine - piano.


PJP Mysterious Traveler 11

Larry Price

Recorded at the Free Library Central Branch,... Featuring Larry Price - alto sax, Frank Butrey - guitar, Warren Oree - bass


PJP Mysterious Traveler 12

Dwight James

Recorded at the Free Library Central Branch,... Featuring Dwight James - drums/percussion, Charles Beasley - bass, Bernard Samuels - piano, Umar Raheem - tenor & soprano sax, Napoleon Black - percussion

In celebration of Jazz Month
Every Sunday from 7-9pm
And every other day of the week (except Wed) at 8am & noon in April
New Episodes
Second Looks, Second Chances
Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law

In PA, life means life without the possibility of parole (“LWOP”) or “death by incarceration.” Executive commutations offer long-serving rehabilitated lifers the hope of release some day and Pennsylvanians the possibility of more tax revenue being spent on education and drug treatment.

In the past 20 years, governors have only granted 8 commutations. There are now over 5,000 lifers in the state’s prisons. “Second Looks, Second Chances” is part of the Parole Eligibility Education Initiative of Lifers Inc. of SCI Graterford.

For more information, see

Produced by Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law
Saturdays at 1:30pm in April
Complexion Dark
 Complexion Dark

A short film exploring the challenges faced by immigrants in search of freedom and

Written and Produced by Francesca Costanzo
Presented by DP Consortium
Saturdays at 1:50pm in April
If Walls Could Talk
If Walls Could Talk

The Story of Laurel Hill Mansion - A Documentary.
from Women for Greater Philadelphia, President Emeritus Alma Jacobs

& Historian writer and director Pat Jordan
Saturdays at 2pm in April
Art of Heritage, Nourish

Join host Tia Shashai on ODAC's Art of Heritage show as she reviews poetry work of Kystle J Turner from her book Nourish. Live performances and inspiring conversation.

Produced by Andrew Nelson
Saturdays at 2:30pm in April
5 Short Films 4
5 Short Films 4

The 5 Shorts Project assists aspiring filmmakers with creating a short film. All participants gain hands-on experience, learn the aspects of filmmaking from pre to post production, and are eligible for IMDb credit. Season 4 is featuring short films created by women who are all first time filmmakers. 

A is for Apple by Theresa Anderson - A fed up high school teacher takes on the challenges of her students for the first day of class.
Love Finally by Janelle T. Harvey - A young woman finds love in an unexpected manner.
#NPWD by Kamillah Abdul - A casual "hook-up" leads to a life altering dilemma.
N O W by Bethel Bates - Three short stories that depicts the importance of love and understanding.
Pocket by Dione Mcleod - A young woman, with a bad habit, finds herself entangled with 2 men.

The 5 Shorts Project is produced by Shameka S.L. Sawyer
Saturdays at 3pm in April
ABA Basketball

The Philly Cannons are in their second season in the American Basketball Association (ABA). 

Produced by Roger Beckwith
Mondays at 3pm
New Series
Magz TV
Magz TV

Serves to present the most 'under the radar' music, discovered or reconnected with during the week. A document of various aspects of our search. Enjoy

Produced by Lorne Peart
Tuesdays at 10:30pm
New Series
What's Cookin'? with Zack Bwaf
What's Cookin'?

Follow intrepid young chef Zack Bwaff as he takes to the streets of Philadelphia to discover What's Cookin'?

Produced by Zach Trebino
Wednesdays at 12:30am
New Series
The World Fusion Show
World Fusion

Hosted by composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Derrik Jordan, The World Fusion Show features interviews, video clips and live in the studio playing with the leading innovators in WorldFusion music. 

Produced at Brattleboro VT Community TV (BCTV)
Wednesdays at 1:30pm
New Series
R&B Showcase Live
R&B Showcase Live

Features Music News, Interviews and Live Performances

Hosted & Produced by Tim Marshall
Thursdays at 10:00pm
New Series
Overnight Marathons

Sundays - Narrative Films with a Message 

  • · 7th Seed Productions: Sexy, Cool & Crazy by Danielle Erwin
  • · The Real by Dwayne Thomas
  • · Beauty TBD, Making Happy 01 & 02, Unexpected Donors by Troy Jackson
  • · Doors Trilogy by Dasha Saintremy

Mondays - Social Issues Commentary 

  • · Because of the War by Toni Shapiro-Phim
  • · CAMRA Showcase by UPenn CAMRA Fellows Program
  • · Blasian Narratives by Asian Arts Initiative
  • · Love Now Media series by Jos Duncan 

Tuesdays - Morning Menagerie

  • · Burning Bridges pt. 1  by Danielle Erwin
  • · DJ & Her Thread   by PhillyCAM 48hr Film Project Crew
  • · BailOut 1 & 2 by Sara Zia Ebrahimi  
  • · Indelible  by Anthony Mazza
  • · Kairos Dirt by Madsen Minax
  • · Grayscale 1 by Ricky Clover
  • · Color Vs. Kull'cha 1 & 2  by Bradley Zaire
  • · Oops by Bradley Zaire

Wednesdays - Shorts & Compilations 

  • · 5 Short Film Project produced by S.L Sawyer
  • · Two Thirds Film by Tyreece Powell

Thursdays - Legal Dramas 

  • · Echoes of Justice by Exavier Wardlaw
  • · The Teaman, Genuine Risk by Joe Carlin

Fridays - Harsh Reality Dramas 

  • · Higher Than 7 Productions: The Oldhead series by Anis Taylor
  • · The Aftermath & Plugged In by Zareefa Abdul-adl

Saturdays - Seriously Entertaining 

  • · Animal Court, Gayuranus & Witches of the Eastern Shore by Exavier Wardlaw
  • · South SillyCAM  by Sam Weinrott
Produced by PhillyCAM Members
Every night 2am - 6am in April
Youth Media Marathon
Youth Media Marathon

SpyHop – Watch This! Youth Media Matters in Salt Lake City Utah

Spy Hop is a nonprofit youth development center whose mission is to mentor young people in the digital media arts to help them find their voice, tell their stories and be empowered to affect positive change in their lives, their communities and the World.

Watch This! is a civic-minded, grass roots, youth produced TV show. Students between the ages of 16 – 19 write, direct and produce this series of videos on community relevant topics of their choice.

Produced by SpyHop
Sundays 9am - 12pm in April