May 2018

TV Programming Spotlight: June 2018

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Power From Pain
Power From Pain

Thought-provoking series designed to inspire viewers to break free from the pain of their past. Guests candidly share their stories of redemption and viewers are motivated to improve their own lives.

Produced by Elona Washington
Tuesdays at 10pm
New Series
The Laff House Presents
The Laff House Presents.. THE INTRODUCTION

Comedy today is ready for a change. These unknown comics are waiting to be discovered. Through interviews & performances we capture the humor, rivalry, beefs, hidden agendas, mind blowing discoveries & much more

Produced by Rod Milkwood
Saturdays at 12:30am
New Series
PCAM Producers Circle
PCAM Producers Circle

Member engagement event featuring 6 PCAM producers who address the topic of collaboration & what it takes to create their own content while assisting others. Panelists: Karen Walker, Derwood Selby, Adam Bornstein, Toni J & Delmer Gill.

Hosted by Gabe Castro
Saturdays at noon in June
AFSC Annual Meeting 2018
Ravi Ragbir

Featured Speaker 

Ravi Ragbir, lawful US resident, describes his experience of being detained by US immigration officials. As Leader of the New York New Sanctuary Coalition, he has been actively fighting immigrant deportation. 

Produced with American Friends Service Committee
Saturdays at 1:30pm in June
People’s Media Collection
People’s Media Collection

Lillian Marrero Library LIVE

What does a healthy neighborhood look like? North Philadelphia community members share their stories & their expertise on staying healthy in their community. Join us for mind, body & food wellness.

Produced with the Free Library of Phila & the Phila Dept of Public Health
Saturdays at 2pm in June
HOME: A Rockumentary
HOME: A Rockumentary

This documentary about S. Phila. Andrew Jackson School’s rock band is a tribute to a teacher’s dedication through tough times

Produced by Ben Kalina
Saturdays at 3pm in June
Kid Chocolate
Kid Chocolate

Story of the Champion Cuban boxer Eligio Sardiñas Montalvo &  his struggle against racism. Witness his spirit  through boxing, afrocuban dance & songs. A one man show by Jorge Enrique Caballero of Team Sunshine performed in Spanish.

Produced with PhillyCAM
Saturdays at 8pm in June
Greek Musical Odyssey
Greek Musical Odyssey

A 100 year history of Greek music in the Philadelphia area

Produced by Greek American Heritage Society
Saturdays at 8:45pm in June
Criminal Justice Reform
Bernie Sanders at PhillyCAM

Roundtable with Bernie Sanders:US Senator for Vermont,
Larry Krasner: Phila District Attorney, Premal Dharia: Dir. of Litigation at Civil Rights Corps, and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: Asst Prof of African American Studies at Princeton
Moderated by Daniel Denvir: Host of Dig Podcast

Produced at PhillyCAM
Sundays at 4pm in June

Sunday: Dick Gregory interviews with Mike Dennis

· Understanding (pt 1 & 2)
· Wisdom

Monday: Nature & Environment
· Water Blue, Green Solutions
· Mill Creek Grown
· Green Century
· BHeard Townhall
· Blockadia Rising

Tuesday: Immigration

· Kids Against Deportation
· El Sol Sale Para Todos
· Bric BHeard: Break Down Walls
· Aqui Y Alla
· MOIMA - Immigrant Integration
· Look Forward & Carry on the Past

Wednesday: Women's Rights

· From Danger to Dignity
· Firme Y Feliz
· Equality & Justice Now: Second Wave Feminism
· Reproductive Justice Now 01 & 02

Thursday: Youth & Media Education Foundation

· Freedom of Expression
· Captive Audience
· Consuming Kids
· No Logo

Friday: Philadelphia
· Germantown Boys
· City Sessions: Gentrification
· Wages of Spin pt. 1
· History of Philadelphia TV

Saturday: Criminal Justice System
· Broken on All Sides: Mass Incarceration
· Broken Feathers: Philly & Police
· City Harvest
· Prison Dialogue: A Message to Our Youth
· POPPYN 13: Criminal Justice System
· Boxed Out: Criminal Records

Produced by PhillyCAM members
2am - 6am in June