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June 2018

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TV Programming Spotlight: July 2018


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The Liberty Report
The Liberty Report

Basic resources & issues related to what often marginalized people with disability (or disabilities) need to know to lead independent lives. Vewpoints & insights about discrimination & struggles to live lives equal to the non-disabled.

Produced by Patrick Kilgallon with Liberty Resources
Saturdays at 1:30pm in July
The Encouraged
The Encouraged

Speaking with youth & young adults about everyday life struggles, motivating, inspiring & uplifting each other to chase dreams as well as focus on achievements.

Produced by Haleem Bloodsaw
Saturdays at 2pm in July
Two Weeks In Japan By a Gaijin
Two Weeks In Japan

Documented trip to Hiroshima, Miyajima, Island, Kyoto, Nara and Mount Koya with the Community College of Philadelphia's Study Abroad program in 2015.

Produced by Earl Weeks
Saturdays at 2:45pm in July
Phillies Greek Heritage Night
Celebrating Greek Culture at Phillies Game

Celebrating Greek Culture at Phillies Game

Produced by Philadelphia Greek Heritage Association
Saturdays at 2:50pm in July
Animations by Andrew Hoffman
Terror Train

Terror Train: Animated drama about  a commuter who wakes to find that an unusual passenger has joined him in the next seat. When an attempt to switch seats fails, he discovers this person may be even stranger than he appears.

Drawing the Figure: Animated parody of an art lesson bringing life to a figure drawing. Realizing the horror of his new existence as a two-dimensional cartoon, he runs away screaming. The teacher promptly switches to a different lesson, landscape drawing.

Produced by Andrew Hoffman
Saturdays at 6:55pm in July
Fatherless Child
Fatherless Child

Giving a voice to a large population of fatherless children who are struggling to understand themselves, this platform focuses on thinking deeply about who they are and how amazing they really can be.

Produced by Bridgette Holmes
Saturdays at 8:45pm in July
Shoot My Bootleggers
Shoot My Bootleggers

About parolees illicit ways of selling dvds, cd's and video's for a Film Producer who has to shoot them, because they crossed him by selling his new release films online without cutting him in. 

Produced by Bradley Zaire
Saturdays at 11:30pm in July
Don't Frack with Denton
Don't Frack with Denton

Feature-length documentary about civil disobedience and the fight against fracking in Texas.

Produced by Garrett Graham
Mondays at 11:30pm in July
Tribbles AfterDark
Tribbles AfterDark

The Geeks Come Out at Night

Produced by Leonard Webb & Black Tribbles
Sundays at 11:30pm
New Series
A Chat with Glendora
A Chat with Glendora

When all is said & done, the only thing that matters is how we treat others. We have the answer to happiness. God, religion & helping each other are synonymous. We are all one working together joyfully to keep the universe growing.

Presented by Gordon Bermant
Wednesdays at 6am
New Series