July 2018

TV Programming Spotlight: August 2018

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Producers Circle
Producers Circle

This member engagement event series featured 3 PhillyCAM producers Tim Millaway, Sybil White and Joe Carlin, who address the topic of the Express Studio.

Produced with PhillyCAM Studio Crew Class
Hosted by Gabe Castro
Saturdays at 12PM in August
We Know Our Rights

Sabemos Nuestros Derechos

English & Spanish version videos  created to explain the rights of immigrants when they are being confronted or questioned by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

Produced with the National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Saturdays at 12:45pm (English) & 8:55pm (Spanish) in August
Best of Career Seekers Show
Best of Career Seekers Show

Source for career & Job search information with a focus on diversity

Produced by Kenneth Johnson
Saturdays at 3pm in August
Finding Sanctuary
Finding Sanctuary

Stories from the Community

The country seems more divided & complex. We are flooded with digital information. What can we do to find moments of calm, inner peace & optimism? Many find strength in community.

Produced by PhillyCAM
in collaboration with Association for Independents in Radio (AIR)
Saturdays at 8pm in August
Two Thirds Films
Two Thirds Films

In the 5th edition of TwoThirdFilms Film, Picasso showcases a variety of music videos starring several talented musicians, Vez, Blumbros, Mirzy, and Black Villen.

Produced by Tyreece Powell
Saturdays at 10:30pm in August
Street Sh!t
Street Sh!t

Travel the city to see what's poppin' in the streets & chop it up with the locals.

Produced by Charles Steele
Sundays at 12AM in August
The Physician to the Community
The Physician to the Community

Dr. George S. Ahtaridis,. An interview with well known Greek American community member. 

Wednesdays at 1pm in August

Produced by Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia
Wednesdays at 1pm in August
Eastern Light Screening Zone
Eastern Light Screening Zone

Includes Church Life Movies, Gospel Movies, Documentaries and Religious Persecution Movies, targeting at helping people to know God and solve their real problems and difficulties.

Sponsored by Shu Juan Lin
Thursdays at 6am
New Series
Who Said You Can’t Dance
Who Says You Can’t Dance

If you think that a wheelchair user is incapable of dancing, then think again. Wheelchair users, whether athletically mobile or not can learn to dance with a standing partner. This documentary brings wheelchair users and standing partners together. Showing as part of the series: Blind Filmmaker Presents

Produced by David Block
Fridays at 6:30pm
New episode
STEAM tv: Arresting Knowledge
Arresting Knowledge

3 part program with Deborah Pardes which explores the intricacies of Media Literacy through Group think tanks.

Produced with Charles Gregory
Saturdays at 1pm
New Episodes
Drop the Mic
Drop the Mic

Season 4 of the three time Emmy® nominated student spoken word competition, recorded live at Community College of Philadelphia, including a special episode with students in the audience reading letters to the poets.

Produced by CCP
Saturdays at 9pm
New Episodes