September 2018

TV Programming Spotlight: October 2018

Here's what's new on PhillyCAM. Discover recent specials & series. 
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Den of Nerds
Den of Nerds

Fun, witty, detailed discussions, commentary and reviews on the latest movie-related news, headlines, & trailers.

Produced by Dion Ringgold
Mondays at 11:30pm
New Series
Millennial High
Millennial High

Covers topics that inspire and provoke to take action towards purpose in life. Helpful tips and advice  with actionable steps

Produced by Tia Whitfield
Tuesdays at 1pm
New Series
Protocol Evolution
Protocol Evolution

About us all reaching our maximum potential. Life is or never was meant to be full of stress problems or the constant struggle. Join us as we go over some core concepts to make your life stellar!

Produced by Lewis Robinson
Wednesdays at 8am in October
Unity Cup 2018
Unity Cup

A roundtable conversation with Unity Cup coaches about this annual international soccer tournament in Philadelphia

Produced with PhillyCAM
Thursdays at noon in October
Seamus Millar, Comedian
Seamus Millar

Local Stand up Comedian pokes fun at the oddities and misadventures of life and what it throws at all of us. An extremely talented young man. 

Presented by Ricky Clover
Fridays at 1am in October
Producer's Circle: Going LIVE
Producers Circle Going LIVE

A program crewed by the TV Studio Workshop Students and featuring PhillyCAM Producers talking about creating live content for TV & Radio. Moderated by Vanessa Graber & Hosted by Gabe Castro.

Produced at PhillyCAM
Saturdays at noon in October
2nd Annual CAMMY Awards LIVE

Recognition & Celebration of PhillyCAM television and WPPM 106.5 FM radio show producers whose programs best demonstrate the organization's mission and exemplify PCAM values of inclusion, collaboration, discovery, learning, local focus &  quality. 

Produced by PhillyCAM
Sat Oct 20 8pm – 9:30pm LIVE
What's Next
What's Next

Team PhillyCAM's 2018 submission to the 48 Hour Film Project about a recently deceased couple that find themselves on a game show to find out what's next for them in the afterlife.

Produced by PhillyCAM Members
Saturdays at 10:30pm in October
Over My Dead Body
Over My Dead Body

The ultimate talk show featuring the most interesting and compelling people that ever lived

Produced by Steven Kunes
Saturdays at 10:40pm in October
Cats at the Circus
Cats at the Circus

Claymation cats of varied backgrounds chase adventure across landscapes, only to find each other again

Produced by Tamisha Williams and Connie Yu
Center for Creative Works
Sundays at noon in October
The W in Art
The W in Art

Showcasing women in art

With guest Billy Joe

Produced by Keionna Glover
Sundays at 4pm in October