March 2019

TV Programming Spotlight: April 2019

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Prison Debt Solutions
Prison Debt Solutions

A progressive, exchange with ex-felons, their families & guests as they discuss the pathways & adverse societal consequences of criminal justice debt, fully explored through real world experiences accompanied by solutions

Produced and hosted by Ronald Cuie
Sundays at 12:30pm
New Series
Phila Jazz Project Presents
Phila Jazz Project Presents Sun Ra

Satellites Are Spinning

A Sizzling, Sonic Celebration of Sun Ra,

visionary musician, philosopher, composer & band leader. Eclectic series of 8 concerts around Philly Hosted by J. Michael Harrison

with Guest Musical Director DM Hotep WRTI

Produced with PhillyCAM
Sundays at 7pm
New Episodes
A Path to You
Path to You

Short conversations to Wake Up, Renew Your Mind. Understand you are here on earth for a higher purpose!

#1 Get Connected, Live Your Purpose.

#2 Focus...Discover and Uncover Who You Are.

#3 Commitment. Join The Circle...Celebrate!

Produced by FM Madison
Premiering Mondays at noon in April
Phila St. Patrick's Day Parade
Phila St. Patrick's Day Parade

Celebrated in 1771, 5 years before the signing of The Declaration of Independence, General George Washington issued a decree granting Irish soldier a holiday on St.Patricks Day in recognition of their courage & valor on the battlefield.

Produced by Character Driven Films
Wednesdays at 3pm in April
Behind the Curtain
Behind the Curtain

8 part Political series discussing different topics including racism in America, history of religion, slavery at the time of the American revolution & the Trump presidency. 

Produced by Andre Caudle
Thursdays at 2pm
New Series
Remember the 27 Crusaders
Remember the 27 Crusaders

Recounting the lives, military service & deaths of 27 American soldiers who served in Vietnam that had graduated from Father Judge High School in The North East section of Philadelphia.

Produced by Character Driven Films
Fridays at 1:30 pm in April
Up On 2
Up On 2

About a sport motorcycle enthusiast who rides his motorcycle across the United States & down through Central America motivated by GOD.

Produced by Bruce Savage
Saturdays at 1:30pm
New Series

Astronomy experts & witnesses to the total solar eclipse of August 21st 2017 examine  the importance of science literacy & education to the success of our society as we face the challenges of global warming.  

Produced by John N. Campbell
Saturdays at 2pm in April
Artist Talk: Michelle Marcuse
Artist Talk with Michelle Marcuse

Artist, Michelle Marcuse in conversation with Laurel McLaughlin about her process for creating the artwork exhibited at Grizzly Grizzly gallery

Produced by Jim Brossy
Saturdays at 3:30pm in April
Ghouls Next Door: Lock and Key
Ghouls Next Door: Lock and Key

The Ghouls discover the number one cause of horror movie deaths - not putting your key into the lock fast enough.

Produced by Gabe Castro & Roland Boyden
Saturdays at 8pm in April
Chaos Computer Club

Afroroutes: Africa Elsewhere

VR experience ‘Beyond Slavery’
A journey through 3 displaced African heritages, immersing users in Rituals & Ceremonies and experiencing the power of music as a strong anthropological tool to open a crucial debate about diasporic identity.


Media Disruption Led By The Blind: Hacking Visual Culture

Infinite Observer is the first narrative VR experience designed by the blind for the blind. The experience empowers users & creates a heightened appreciation for hidden powers of the senses beyond the dominance of sight in modern culture


Augmented Reality:
While Virtual Reality disconnects us from the world, Augmented Reality enhances reality with virtual content. AR has power to bridge the gap between the physical & the digital & provides vast possibilities to support our everyday lives. 


Produced by Chaos Computer Club Conference 2019
Saturdays at 10:30pm in April