October 2014

Women in Media: OWN YOUR VOICE!!

Women in Media was created to empower, equip and encourage women from all walks of life who are in the media field or aspire to enter it.

2nd Annual WIM Conference at Impact Hub Sept 2014 in Phila with

Keynote address by Media and entertainment veteran, Dyanna R. Williams of Old School 100.3 FM.

Saturdays at 2pm in Nov/Dec



About a  Brother and sister and their group of friends in elementary and middle school who go on a series of adventures trying to find whether ballet or skateboarding is a real sport!  The focus is on their experiences of various moral issues encountered on a daily bases.  Topics in this program are  "Bullies, no need for it, and no time for it." & "Creativity"

By Aaron Astillero

Saturdays at 6:30pm in Nov/Dec beginning Nov.15

I Pick Up Garbage

Take a walk with Sean O’Mahoney of WINK (We’re Inventing a New Kensington) as he cleans up in the neighborhood.

By Debbie Rudman

Saturdays at 9pm in Nov/Dec

That Loving Feeling

Risky  behaviors and the consequences they bring

by Monica Moses

Saturdays at 9:15pm in Nov/Dec

Short Circuit Film Festival

Distribution network specializing in presenting radical underground short films creating dynamic environments where filmmakers can connect with audiences and each other.  Short Circuit is also about discovery . From the search for cosmic enlightenment to tribal ceremony, from digging a hole to the simple act of waiting, Series 1 is a set of dark stories about ritual, identity and worlds unreal.

Curated by Alexis Mayer

Saturdays at 9:30pm in Nov/Dec

Water Blues, Green Solutions

Working with nature to create a sustainable water future – a public service media initiative designed to promote awareness of the role of green infrastructure implementation.

Hosted by Majora Carter, Urban Revitalization Strategist

Produced by Penn State Public Media

Sundays at 3:30pm in Nov/Dec

DIVANation: A Sisterhood of Singers

Diverse and developing community of Philadelphia's female singers who evoke the spirit of legendary Jazz singers, while simultaneously keeping an eye and ear open to the sounds of the future. An amazing and memorable performance series.

Sundays at 7:30pm in Nov/Dec

16th & Philly

Basketball documentary that depicts the rise and fall of one of the nation’s legendary playground leagues held in the heart of North Philly.

50 min plus music video (Product of My Environment)

16th and Philly Film by AT SoundZ, Isaiah Nathaniel, Dewain Clark, Dewain Johnson, and Travis Ruscil

Plus music video: Product of My Environment by AT SoundZ feat. Tha Reapaz, Udini La Voz, Ceaser Live Soul, and Jay Wes

Sundays at 8:30pm in Nov/Dec

Indie Thrills

Philadelphia indie filmmaker Classic Reinvention pays homage to the thrillers of the 80's with these two original pieces, 3 Days of Self-Destruction & The Witness.

By William Thomas

Sundays at 9:30 pm in Nov/Dec

Awkward Interactions

Explores the experiences of youth through skits, interviews and found footage as they navigate awkward social interactions.
Produced at PhilyCAM with MAST Charter School

Thursdays at 3:30pm in Nov/Dec

The Counterfeit Church

While not in great detail the show explains about the necessity of being Catholic/Christian in order to save your soul, why the counterfeit church is not the Church and that it leads souls to hell since the 1960's when Vatican II was promulgated by anti-pope Paul VI.

By Dave Branca

Wednesdays at 6:30am in Nov/Dec

Termite TV presents: Coleman-Powell Video Anthology

This series is a sampling of  the 36 year collaboration between Alan Powell and Connie Coleman. Coleman /Powell developed a video art collaboration that spans analog and digital technologies.

Fridays at 11:30pm

Welcome to the Spiritual World

Powerful show that discusses the powerful impact of finding spirituality and using the gifts and abilities that come with it.

By Anita Mayberry & Aarron Terrell

Wednesdays at 5pm

Philly F.A.M.E

Providing a platform which showcases the multitude of talent

Philly has to offer from Artists, Producers, Djs, Comedians, Actors, Writers, Athletes, Models, Designers and more.

By Khalil Stroud

Wednesdays at 10pm

Tiggs and Rudi's Commentary

This show is designed to make children examine what they are watching. Two brothers share views on media & what influences it has on our youth.

By Andrea Spruill

Thursdays at 4pm

Suave Life TV

Teaching young men how to be gentlemen through Video -

How to dress, what to wear, what not to wear

By Ini Ikpe

Thursdays at 5:30pm

Scrapple TV

A virtual pirate TV commune featuring every badass art bastard and stared-at-in-the-street crazy Philly street culture freak around. It's loaded with music, mind-bending shorts and life-threateningly funny videos.

By Woodshop Films

Fridays at 10pm

Gospel Central

Music Video Show plays independent & establish gospel artist. Also includes interviews of gospel artists, authors, Playwrights and Christian comedy.

By Walter Giles

Saturdays  at 6:30am

The Chellerina Show

Inspires viewers to use their gifts and talents, follow their dreams, pursue their passion and ultimately live a purpose filled life to reach their destiny.

By Chellerina Thaxton

Sundays at 3pm