October 2014

The Chellerina Show

Inspires viewers to use their gifts and talents, follow their dreams, pursue their passion and ultimately live a purpose filled life to reach their destiny.

By Chellerina Thaxton

Sundays at 3pm

The Counterfeit Church

While not in great detail the show explains about the necessity of being Catholic/Christian in order to save your soul, why the counterfeit church is not the Church and that it leads souls to hell since the 1960's when Vatican II was promulgated by anti-pope Paul VI.

By Dave Branca

Wednesdays at 6:30am in Nov/Dec

Awkward Interactions

Explores the experiences of youth through skits, interviews and found footage as they navigate awkward social interactions.
Produced at PhilyCAM with MAST Charter School

Thursdays at 3:30pm in Nov/Dec

Women in Media: OWN YOUR VOICE!!

Women in Media was created to empower, equip and encourage women from all walks of life who are in the media field or aspire to enter it.

2nd Annual WIM Conference at Impact Hub Sept 2014 in Phila with

Keynote address by Media and entertainment veteran, Dyanna R. Williams of Old School 100.3 FM.

Saturdays at 2pm in Nov/Dec