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Member of the Month - 2018

Byron Jackson, November Member of the Month

"There is an old adage whose meaning I have taken advantage of for my ongoing tenure on earth that says "hard work never killed a man". I believe in and live by the lore.

Trudy Haynes, December Member of the Month
Luis Limon, October Member of the Month

"As soon as I read about the existence of PhillyCAM, I jumped at the chance to work in the TV studio. It's turned out better than expected by leaps and bounds! It's great to be here.

Leeway Foundation, September Member of the Month

The Leeway Foundation supports women, trans, and gender nonconforming artists working at the intersection of art,

Joe Carlin, August Member of the Month

What an honor to be named Member of the Month!

Julian Seward, July Member of the Month

When I began my radio show, My Bittersweet Philosophy, it was solely intended

Scribe Video Center, June Member of the Month

PhillyCAM has become a vital part of Philadelphia’s media production landscape.

Earl Weeks, May Member of the Month

I am honored to be selected as the Member of the Month. I am currently working on four Gospel shows

Lorne Peart, April Member of the Month

Congratulations to Lorne Peart, the April 2018 member of the month! We are grateful for Lorne

Donald Butler, February Member of the Month

Thank you for the honor. PhillyCam has given me the opportunity the pursue a longtime interest in media production.

Tara B, January Member of the Month

Thank you so much for having me as the member of the month! I really enjoyed my time at PhillyCAM during my summer youth fellowship.